Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nate Silver's Wikipedia Article Ignores Errors from 2016 Presidential Primaries

Not once does the article mention all of Silver's blunders from 2016. Here's the article's criticism section:

Now check our his errors on the daily caller:

So he completely blew up on Trump's odds, and not one mention of that in the Wikipedia article. I would change it, but we all know as soon as I did that the Wikipedia gate trolls would immediately change it back.

Here's Silver, hilariously talking about why he failed on Trump; He didn't use a statistical model.

So he's a forecaster that didn't use a forecasting model on Trump? What good is that? His argument is that he didn't have enough data, and that Trump was an outlier, but on previous models he uses poll data. So didn't we have a lot of poll data on Trump?

Silver claims that's he's between a liberal and a libertarian, in his political leanings which is pure bullshit. He's all liberal. All the time.

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