Friday, July 16, 2010

Hill Street Blues and the Hollywood mind set

Hill Street Blues was a great 80's show about a police precinct in a crime-ridden neighborhood of a major metro area. Sgt Hunter is the head of their SWAT-like Emergency Action Team. Hunter is a former Marine Officer, a swaggering idiot, wants to shoot everything in sight, and is completely incapable of having a relationship with a woman. We see this over and over again with these Hollywood gerbil racers. They like to turn these guys into their stereotype of an overly gung-ho idiot with no problem solving abilities.

The real question is why?

Perhaps it is because the reality disturbs them. The reality of a Marine who transitions into the police force and becomes a SWAT guy is that he embodies everything that they lack in Hollywood. Courage, self sacrifice, family values, and a quiet professionalism that disturbs somebody who can't take it if their latte arrives 10 minutes late. The idea that such men exist offends them by making them face their own weakness. Maybe they don't like that.

Here is the reality

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