Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Into every life, a little rain must fall...

And the rain today, falls mostly around the credit card. My credit card. I received a call from my bank that there were questionable transactions on my card. And there were. I talked to a support person and someone was using my card in Delaware. Where I haven't been in 14 years.

Fairly simple, and the bank was accommodating about refunding the amounts concerned.

Then I tried to get the police involved. Oh, now the government is supposed to do their job right? Wrong!

The local police in Newark Delaware told me I had to file a report in my own town. My police told me I had to file a report in Newark. God those guys are good. I wanted to track down the perps because they used the card in a Newark WAWA convenience mart that probably had security cameras. And we had to work fast, before the security cameras were erased.

I actually got in touch with the Mayor of Newark, and he did get back to me. Which was unexpected, and appreciated. He gave me their Chief of Police. And here is where we encounter more incompetence. The Chief shuffled me off to a detective whose voicemail informed me that he would be gone a week. Surely the chief knew that, and was putting me in the gaff mode.

So the next time you get ripped off, and wonder how thieves stay in business, don't wonder. The police are hooking them up. Who is the real thief I wonder. The credit card thief only got several hundred dollars. The police are making a lot more than that.

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