Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to not hire a manager

My old IT director Hal fired the previous programming team manager because he was too competent and more popular than Hal was. The sheer gal! Hal didn't really fire him, he demoted him and humilated him until he quit. Which will only work on someone who has any self-respect.

So we had a hiring board for the new programming manager. I think we had about twenty applicants. Hal is a blow hard who will not shut up during the entire interview so it was really difficult to get a feel for the qualifications of the interviewee. Which really didn't matter, as previously stated Hal would just hire the hottest chick who showed up for the job. Who was by no means hot, but everything is relative.

Anyway, the first chcik showed up for about a month, did nothing, pissed everyone off, then quit. A mystery all around.

Number two was Abby. Abby is completely incompetent. Also: lazy, stupid, comes in late and leaves early every day. Our work tracking software reported a 72% drop in team productivity when Abby came on board. She didn't know that of course, because she was too damn stupid to even use the software.

This programming team manager makes over $99,000 a year. Hal makes over $150k, more than the district attorney. We drop two idiots, save the taxpayer $250k a year, and that's just for one little group.

I have just solved the deficit problem ladies and gentlemen. They have no self respect, so we can't humiliate them into leaving. But there's plenty of material to get them to resign so they aren't fired. How hard is that?

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