Friday, July 2, 2010

102k Problem

We have 2 DBAs on the programming team. One pretty much runs the databases and the servers and anything else he can get his dirty little empire building paws on. The other one is on meds. For her little mental problem. Not to make light of such problems, members of my own family have similar problems.

But this is a woman who was hired to be a DBA for a major metropolitan law enforcement agency. Who is totally incapable of doing her job. She is given busywork to stay out of our hair, so she can't screw up the database. And she makes $102,000 a year. Hence her nickname: $102k. Why does this happen?

1) She has a med condition
2) She has a previous EEO complaint that she made
3) Hal is too damn dumb and lazy to get rid of her

So, our running total is up to $412k I think if 102k is cut from our little government organization. With an operating budget of $4.2 million for personnel, we're almost up to 10% cuts that will actually make the organization run smoother. God I'm good at this! And no one has to deal with her insanity. None of us anyway.

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