Monday, June 6, 2011

Generation Y and Huffington Post

I was exposed to Yoani Sánchez's Blog a while back which is quite humbling because her translator's English and her writing abilities exceed mine by several orders of magnitude. An interesting thing about Yoani's blog is that is is an explicit critique of Communism, yet the leftist Huffington post and Time Magazine endorse her blog. How do they rationalize their love of Socialism and the bitter realities exposed in Generation Y?
So I looked at some of the comments to Yoani's blog entries on the Puffington Host and they were not all socialists. A lot were, and blame Cuba's woes on the US blockade. Of course, it's the Americans fault! The blockade is the cause of their woes, not their screwed up politics. This is the thinking of my father and his college friends, all of whom are socialists also. If the socialist system isn't functioning better than the capitalist system, its because it wasn't implemented correctly, or America destroyed it by abusing our economic power. This is the problem with this class of people, who as a group have never prospered. Sure, there is the occasional odd ball that makes it but for the most part they remain entrenched in mediocrity. Why is this? After observing them up close for years, the best reason I can come up with is that they are incapable of learning from their mistakes. In life and in politics. And they keep making the same mistakes. Over and over again.

Generation Y Blog

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