Friday, June 24, 2011

Hanauma bay bureaucracy

We made the mistake of going snorkeling in Hanauma Bay Oahu, which used to be a laid back place and fun to go to in the 80s. unfortunately the county government idiots that run this place have turned it into a bureaucratic nightmare. It looks like even the sea turtles have abandoned it. They say they are trying to bring it back after years of neglect...if so, fine. Close it down then. But now they try to indoctrinate you with forcing you to watch a film on what not to do in the bay, without enforcing any of the rules...pretty much like gun control. Worthless. We watched a bunch of fat worthless government employees sit around the parking lot and beach while being hijacked of cash twice, once for the fare to the bay and once when we got there for the entrance fee. Cancun had better lagoons with restaurants and bars and cleanup crews...commercial folks that actually worked for a living. It cost more to go to the Lagoons in Cancun, but it was all inclusive and a much more enjoyable experience.

These fees aren't going to stop Oahu from raising their own residents taxes sky-high

Oahu taxes going up

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