Monday, June 27, 2011

Hawaii Medical Center files for 2nd Bankruptcy

The Honolulu Star Advertiser has reported that the Hawaii Medical Center has filed for a second bankruptcy in two years. The reason:

Reductions in Medicare payments and a large amount of Medicare patients

That's right. An aging population and government healthcare drove the hospital to bankruptcy. But the Democrats are screaming very shrill little girl screams when any changes to Medicare or Social Security are attempted. Because of these huge obligations it is probably too late to do anything about the default or hyperinflation of the US Government as the interest builds up. The real question is when? When it happens it will be lightning fast, probably even too fast for the Feds to print money. And what is the worst situation: Hyperinflation or default? The country will survive, we've survived a civil war, attacks, depression, and a lot of other disasters. Hell, the Brits burnt down the White House in 1812. But a lot of the people that are depending on the Govt to take care of them are in for some rough times. And protesting is not gonna help a whole lot.

HMC files for second bankruptcy

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