Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wikipedia removes Thomas James Ball Entry

Wikipedia proves their left-tilt with the deletion of the Thomas Ball article. Thomas Ball was a father who claimed he was wronged in family court. He killed himself by self-immolation on the steps of a courthouse. This tragic story is made even worse by Wikipedia deleting the entry. The Wikipedia entry claims it isn't. Wikipedia-worthy

Of course, if he was gay then it would be:

Suicide of Tyler Clementi

Pretty good proof of Wikipedia's bias. More on Thomas James Ball:

Thomas Ball

The deleted entry

Good thing they can't control everything. Ain't democracy a bitch Wikipedia?

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Mark Lefebvre said...

One of my friends is an admin in Wikipedia. Ha has told me that some of the wikipedia admins take money in order to make biased edits and ban users who oppose them. See this also - wikicash9.blogspot.com