Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Strange Case of Franz Gayl

Franz Gayl is a retired Major who had the unlikely and long title of Science and Technology Adviser to the Marine Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies, and Operations. There are an ungodly number of articles on how Gayl was persecuted for raising a red flag on MRAP procurement: (or lack thereof)

Marines Wreck Super Geek’s Career

Marine whistleblower Franz Gayl: Security clearance removal is retaliation

Gail Testimony PDF

And here is his initial report:

Gayle MRAP Report

A problem with Gayl's reporting on the MRAP is he already came up with some wacky ideas like Marines in Space:

Space Marines’ Reality Check (Updated and Bumped)

Maybe after that anything out of his mouth became to wacky to believe.

Maybe he hit people on the head too many times and pissed them off. Or maybe his report was too damn long. The Executive Summary is ten pages long. Franz: next time one page, maybe two is good enough for the Executive Summary.

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