Saturday, September 10, 2011

Phoenix Burton Barr Library

Phoenix has a beautiful central library that we've paid many millions of tax dollars to build and maintain. Just one problem:

The homeless.

Now, I've been in some pretty bad shape myself a couple of times, and maybe even wasn't sure where I was going to spend the night but I've always managed to get a shower and clean up a bit. The homeless in this library infest it to the point where you can't sit down anywhere without the reek of urine and feces wafting over you like the pit of despair. I'm serious, the place is an architectural wonder and a olfactory Guantanamo Bay. They need to enforce some clothing and hygiene policies down there. That's the real question, why don't they? Maybe we need to ship the homeless down to the Phoenix City Council meetings, stench and all and make them stay there until the city council comes out with some new regs on hygiene for attending the library. If you smell, you no get to raise hell, down in your cell, at the library jail!

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