Monday, September 12, 2011

USA Network is combating Hate and bout just supporting your troops for once??

I received this spam-text from USA network a couple of days ago:

"As part of USA's effort to combat hate and intolerance, see the premiere of THE SPACE BETWEEN to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11..."

The space between is the story about a flight attendant and a Pakistani boy who get together for a "Gee, we should hate each other but we're really all the same inside," sophomoric philosophy lesson from Hollywood. Well USA network, bad idea. I haven't noticed you love, peace, dope Hollywood types breaking your arms to welcome soldiers coming back from defending your freedom, maybe you should devote a little bit of time to that instead. Maybe the nine US servicemen who have died in Afghanistan this month by the time you showed your little hate and intolerance flick should be remembered. Or did you even know that was still going on? Marching in a peace parade or implicitly spitting on soldiers coming back from the fight doesn't mean you're involved USA network. And yes, you have no patriotism. There is none to question, because you have none.

Hollywood Hates the troops

Hollywood Hates the troops

Hollywood Hates the troops

Here's an old photo describing the average American sacrifice for the war:

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