Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple Business Developer Account

So my boss wants us to make iPad apps. OK, no huge deal. Since WE are doing it, we need a business account, which is different from the personal developer account. No big deal, right?


Already establishing a crappy name for itself among developers for its restrictive bullshit process for the requirements on a personal developer account, Apple takes the sphincter police act one step further on its business account requirements. Described by one developer as "...the biggest irrelevant computer company..." Apple is killing the golden goose by doing everything they can to piss off every developer on the planet. Not only do they require you to FAX (seriously, FAX? WTF???) your right to exist as a company, but also you have to submit docs showing your right to speak for the company, exist as a human being, and consume oxygen. After which, your application will be "further reviewed."

After that, I went down to the Sprint store, and got myself an Android for 1/2 the billing costs of an AT&T iPhone. Bye AT&T. Bye Apple.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the IT community responded to the release of the iPhone 4s with a tremendous yawn and drop in stock value. I'll follow that yawn with a "right back atcha Apple" while downloading the Eclipse plugin to make Android Apps. And you write them in Java. Know what that is Apple? It's a programming language that was made after Star Wars Episode IV. Unlike Objective C, the language Apple makes you code in for iOS. Which by all appearances was created by Ada Lovelace.

I predict Apple will fade into irrelevance again within five years. Short that Apple stock boys and girls. Now, that's an opportunity!

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