Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kenmore Ultrawash Quietguard 4...can America be great again when we make crap like this?

I had an unfortunate experience of buying a Kenmore Ultrawash Quietguard 4 dishwasher and it stopped working after 3 years, when the dishes started coming out dirty. This piece of garbage had plenty of people complaining about it and I am pretty unhappy with it also. No more Kenmore anything for us. The Maytag refrigerator that I bought four years ago is also a piece of crap. The water tastes horrible out of the dispenser, even with a new filter and the temp control is horrible. When did we start turning out so much crap? Maytag, you are history too. And when you call the idiots, its always the same old song. "We have a new model that will fit your needs." Rigghttt!

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