Monday, February 6, 2012

FAIL: Benjamin Percy Tries to write about Marines and tough guys

I was just forced to read a story written by the usual suspect, a liberal college professor with an axe to grind against Bush, the military, and the high school football players that probably beat him up on a daily basis. Benjamin Percy writes Refresh, Refresh a story about a rural town that is home to a Marine Reserve Battalion. Just a few problems Benjamin. (I'm pretty sure he goes by Benjamin...another reason he got beat up daily in High School):

A small town cannot support a Marine Reserve Infantry Battalion of 1000 Marines genius. Company yes, Battalion, no.

They are called recruiters not recruiting officers. A recruiter who recruits officers is called an Officer Selection Officer. Perhaps if you bothered to do thirty seconds of research you would have figured that out.

My recruiter was a tanker named Sgt Hyde and had arms like tree trunks. I would really like him to read Percy's description of Dave the recruiter and have a Marine Recruiter to liberal douche-bag style talk with Percy the college writing instructor. I'm pretty sure that would be a short talk. Of course Percy got an award from all the other gerbil-racers for his fantastic writing. Maybe the Marine recruiters can nominate Percy for another kind of award. The kind that needs to be surgically removed.

Here's a video of Percy talking tough about sleeping on the ground as a kid. Or maybe he was passed out on the ground after being knocked unconscious during PE. You decide. Talk with a deep voice, and you too can hide your ingrown vagina.

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