Friday, February 3, 2012

Montini's Comfortable Stereotype

E.J. Montini of the Arizona Republic write's about his stereotype of Vets here:

Marine, vet, patriot ... and threat

The Marine Montini was talking about is Sgt Jason Prostrollo who was shot by Scottsdale police last Saturday night for attacking seven of them with pool cues. In Montini's world view, all vets are psychotic PTSD crazies who are set to go off like an IED at the slightest provocation. Now, I'm sure Montini looked around the internet a little and figured out that Prostrollo had a few issues as a kid (nothing serious) and the Marines actually straightened those issues out and he did well, going up to the rank of Sergeant and going through the rigorous screening of Marine Force Recon. But these things don't interest Montini, he wants Rambo to go crazy, that way America doesn't have to do bad things like go to war. Not only that, but Montini gets to implicitly spit on soldiers and Marines coming back from the war, without taking any heat for actually committing the act. One of those "I support the troops, but not the war" phonies.

The issues with Montini and the rest of the liberal phonies are really inside of them. They support the environment, are anti-military, anti-business and anything that makes them look like gentle, caring human beings. The reality is quite the opposite. They usually end up treating their family and friends (if they have any) like shit. They are social misfits for the most part, and will treat total strangers better than their own family. Unless those strangers don't agree with their world view. They are intolerant of differing opinions and often financially self destructive. Montini is a good example of this, he knows he is in a conservative State, that his paper is on the rocks due to their liberal bent and alienating the paper's readers, and still he and the Republic consistently decide to shit where they eat.

For more on Sgt Prostrollo's case, read here.

To support an independent external investigation of the Prostrollo shooting, like this page:

Justice for Jason Prostrollo

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