Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obama's 'Kill List' eerily similar to LBJ's personal approval of air targets

The New York Times (Democrat Talking Points) opinion piece (I'm not going to call anything they print journalism) has a piece about Obama taking personal control over the targeting of enemies by drone and listing the merits of each kill before making the decision. The piece:

tries to show what a thoughtful and considerate, yet firm wartime president Obama is. Yet this is the same type of poor wartime leadership that LBJ exhibited when he personally picked out air strike targets in Vietnam. I'll tell you why this is misleading:

1) It doesn't tell you which targets he is briefed on that later caused damage because he decided not to hit them when he was told they should be hit.

2) There is no way he can make an informed decision in a few minutes when military and intelligence analysts have spent months watching the potential targets to put them on the list.

3) Obama is not a military professional. He is a lawyer, who has spent his life making excuses for people (including himself) on why they should not be harmed, punished, or in this case, erased.

It was not an effective strategy in Vietnam, and it is not an effective strategy now.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Scalzi on Whatever and the Straight White Male Difficulty Settings

I just read a piece by the Science Fiction writer John Scalzi on the Straight White Male and how we glide through life on the lowest difficulty setting. You can find the piece here: Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is Scalzi's point is we have it easy, because we are straight white males, and every thing comes easy for us. Just like the easiest difficulty setting on a computer game. That's so TRUE Scalzi. Typical, left wing, career artist viewpoint.
              The issue with these career artists is: they live in a fantasy word, and make up there own reality. And on the surface, that is the reality. Straight White Males have all the advantages. If you look at the statistics, without looking at any of the underlying causes: Straight White Males get all the advantages, and are handed everything on a silver platter. No matter that if you are a minority you can get all kinds of privileged business contracts from the government. No matter that if you are a minority, you get a free ride in many colleges and universities. No matter that in many states if you're an American Indian you don't pay any tuition in many schools. That is the world view of Scalzi. And many other media and artistic liberals.
         Why is that their world view? That is the bigger question. Why do they insist on blaming White Males for the ills of society?

Well they can't blame minority performance on minorities. That would be racist.

They can't blame female performance on females. That would be sexist.

They can't blame homosexual performance on homosexuals. That would be homophobic.

But you can blame Straight White Guys for ALL of societies ills. There is no bad word you can attach to calling out Straight White Guys. And when it's your job to bitch about something all the time, you need to find someone to blame.

The Nazis had Jews.

The KKK has blacks.

And Scalzi and his tribe of media liberals has the Straight White Guy. But I don't think they can make this stick. I think that history is going to give them some trouble on this one.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The lost SNL skit: Obama on Killing Bin Laden Day

HIGGINS (V.O.)(1/4”)
The following is an address from
the President of the United States.
Good evening, my fellow Americans.
It was exactly one year ago
last Tuesday, May 1, 2011,
that US Navy Seal Team 6, acting
on my orders, put an end to the
career of Osama bin Laden. I
hope you had a safe and joyous
first anniversary of his killing,
and that you were able to spend
it with those you love. This is
a special time of year, when we
gather together with family and
friends, to commemorate the
shooting of this terrorist, and
the gutsy decision that made it
possible. Unfortunately, I wasn’t
able to be at home this year, as
I had to fly to Afghanistan, to
remind President Karzai that,
exactly one year ago, we killed
Osama bin Laden, and that the
decision to do so was a gutsy
one. And was mine. To Michelle,
Sasha, and Malia, I’m sorry I
couldn’t be with you this time.
You know there’s no place I’d
rather be on Killing Osama
bin Laden Day than with you.
But I’ll be home for the next
Killing Osama bin Laden Day.
If only, as the song goes, in
my dreams.
Now tonight, I want to talk to
you about the economy. But
first, a little more about the
killing of Osama bin Laden. Why
is it that Mitt Romney refuses
to join the rest of his fellow
Americans in commemorating the
first year anniversary? Does he
think that killing Osama bin
Laden wasn’t the right thing to
do, or that it wasn’t "gutsy"?
Why all this sympathy for a
terrorist? Could it be they
shared some special bond, since
Mitt and Osama were both members
of the One Percent? He's weird.
Now I’ll get to the economy in a
minute, but while I’m on the
subject, there seems to be some
confusion among the general public
about when exactly we celebrate
Killing Osama bin Laden Day.
Many of you apparently think
it’s the first Sunday in May,
whatever date that falls on.
Wrong. He may have been killed
on the first Sunday of May, but
Killing Osama bin Laden Day is
always celebrated May 1st, the
date of the actual killing,
whatever day of the week that
falls on. Are we clear? Also,
in response to numerous queries,
here are the appropriate
gifts for each anniversary
of Osama bin Laden’s death,
according to the White House
Office of Etiquette.
For the first anniversary:
Paper. And the gemstone is
opal. For the fifth
anniversary: Wood. The
gemstone is amethyst. For the
tenth anniversary: Tin.
Really. Tin. Many people
think it’s silver, but it’s not.
It’s tin. Remember that. You
don’t want to be embarrassed.
But you can also add your own
ideas. For example, I’ve already
promised Michelle and the girls,
for the Tenth Anniversary, I’m
taking them to Orlando. One more
thing: I want to remind us all
that, when sending a Killing of
Osama bin Laden anniversary card,
or offering best wishes on
Killing Osama bin Laden Day to a
friend who happens to be Muslim,
we should be considerate of
Islamic cultural tradition. To
many Muslims, phrases like Osama
bin Laden "went dirt-napping,” or
“assumed room temperature,” or
“sleeps with the fishes,” can be
offensive. Especially the last
one, since, as we all know, he
was buried at sea. And of
course, let’s all remember that
heavy drinking, and Killing Osama
bin Laden Day, are never a good
combination. So please celebrate
Killing Osama bin Laden Day
responsibly. After all, it’s the
“gutsy” decision. Well, I’m
afraid that’s all I have time
for tonight. The economy,
by the way, is looking
fantastic. Thank you for
listening, and Live from
New York, it’s Saturday Night.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A despicable comment by someone calling themselves Goeche13

One of my fallen Marine brothers was written up in the Sun Herald here:


There is a despicable comment at the bottom by someone calling themselves Gueche13, who should be called douche13:

"Good. The more of our young die there, the faster we will leave the "Graveyard of Civilizations"
that has taken down every empire that tried to enslave it. He was there as part of an foreign army,
who destroyed their nation, caused the rise of poppy production from 0% to 400%, and is engaged in
neo-colonialism to defraud the Afghans of over $1,000,000,000,000 (that's Trillion) in mineral wealth.
Sympathies for the family, but he is the one responsible for his own circumstances and the karma that goes with those choices."

You better hope there is no such thing as karma, Gueche13. If there was, there would be a few Marines out looking for you, you piece of crap. You have no business living in this country. If I had my say, you wouldn't be. Living that is.