Friday, September 27, 2013

Arizona Repugnant Strikes again in Obamcare Chearleader Role

Well, here they go again, the Democratic talking points bulletin, The Arizona Republic claims,"Looming Government Shutdown could have wide-ranging impact," following their leaders, the Democratic Party as they scare monger shutdown anti-facts.
Unfortunately they're not smart enough to know about the real shut down. That's the shut down that happens when we go into a period of hyper inflation trying to pay all our debt with worthless script. But, apparently that's not an issue with them. When it does happen, I'm sure they'll blame Ted Cruz for that too. The one guy who is trying to keep it from happening. Here's the hit piece:

For the two of you who still read the Arizona Republic and know about as much history as they do, here is a list of all the times these phony shutdowns happened:

1976, 1977 (3x), 1978, 1979

Sound familiar? Just about every year of Carter's presidency.

1981, 1982(2x), 1983, 1984(2x) , 1986, 1987

Reagan's presidency, the best presidency in modern times. One of the most prosperous times in American History.


Bush the elder. RINO disaster.

1995 (2x)

The Gingrich shut down. The second most prosperous time in modern history, and the press hung Gingrich for it. If he had let Clinton have his way, we would have gone broke much sooner.

So, there you have it. Seventeen times since 76. We should have them more often.

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