Monday, September 30, 2013

Brewer Obamacare allies get payback

Sonoran Alliance has a couple of interesting stories on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer getting her cronies that voted with her to fund Obamacare in Arizona payback by hospitals. While I don't have any information on the validity of that claim, it smells right.

Here's the Sonoran Alliance article:

So now we're saddled with Brewer turning into a McCain style Democrat. It's bad enough that we get saddled with "Pat" Napolitano, who by the way tried to pick up an ex-girlfriend of mine,

Of course no US newspapers or media outlets picked up the story, we have to go to the UK to find out about Napolitano's hi-jinks.

Now we have the politically ambiguous Brewer.Why the change of heart, Jan? Who got to you? And why in your little head, did you decide this would be a good political move? Is it the swarms of Illinois and Michigan (read Detroit) license plates I've suddenly seen descend upon Arizona as those failed states/cities residents flee their Democrat enclaves like rats deserting a sinking ship, unfortunately bringing their failed politics with them. Hey, I know, if I try my crappy political views somewhere else, they'll work better. We just didn't do it right, in Detroit, Illinois, California, Cuba, China, North Korea, Spain, Italy, Greece....

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