Friday, October 4, 2013

Arizona Repugnant Reveal Socialist Reader Percentage

The Republic is at it again, chastising Gilbert Arizona for rejecting US funding for programs aimed at low-income residents. Why would they reject this money? Probably because it encourages a dependent demographic to come there and stay. When I lived there six years ago, the north part of Gilbert, the part that borders Mesa was rapidly going ghetto. There was a really nice shopping center up the street with a theater and several high end chain restaurants that I hung out at, but it was quickly going down hill, like the Fiesta Mall before it. Fiesta Mall was a beautiful mall when they opened it twenty years ago in southern Mesa, but it quickly went ghetto after the 90s.

When the Federal Block Grant people moved in.

On the side bar of the Repugnant Article, they asked,"Should Gilbert turn down federal funding for programs aimed at low-income residents, to avoid adding to the U.S. deficit?"

Only 33% said that would make the problem worse.

51% said turning down aid for the part is cruel.

16% said it depends on the kind of aid.

I don't count myself as a reader by the way, but it does fill my heart with joy to point out their slant. At the end of the article they have the obligatory socialist comment about how Gilbert supports business but can't help the poor. The Socialist idiot quoted said this,

“If they’re not going to accept the community grant funds, that’s really ridiculous. These guys have a set mind because a lot of them are “tea party”-type people that don’t want any government at all, practically,” said Chester Cesolini, 70, a frequent user of the center who helps plan social activities there.

“We’ve grown in 250 years of being the United States of America, and I’m sure if the Founding Fathers were here today and looked over things, they’ll probably say the same things,” he said. “Things are different now. You don’t have open land where somebody can say, ‘I’m broke, I’m poor, I can move to this area here and start a farm with no cost at all.’ Those things can’t happen anymore.
“When the town can spend sales-tax dollars for some company to build their store on Power Road and give them huge tax breaks, but they can’t spend a few bucks on the people who’ve lived here most of their lives and are now retired, on fixed incomes, there’s something wrong with that,” Cesolini added.

If the founding fathers, who started this country because of a tax that was less than 5% knew half of its residents were being taxed at rates up to 40% in some states and the other half wasn't taxed at all I think they would be pretty pissed. I know I am.

Here's a clip from the new series Sleepy Hollow on Fox, talking about how the founding fathers would see these new taxes, and a Democrat standing telling Ichibod Crane that if he complains about taxes again, he would be "Sent back to the Asylum." Eerily like what's going on now, doncha think?

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