Friday, October 4, 2013

The SAD...I mean the AD Council

AM radio listeners to talk radio are bombarded nowadays by useless sound bytes from the AD council. Do they ever make people stop smoking, stop drunk driving, appreciate FEMA, or do any of the other 'Public Services' that they supposedly provide with Public Service messages? And who the hell is the AD Council?

According to Wikipedia the Ad Council is a non-profit that handles public service announcements, and some people complain that it is little more than a "domestic propaganda arm of the federal government." Most of the Ad council's ads are purchased by the feds, to the tune of hundreds of millions a year. The ads are played for random audiences, have little effect, and the CEO makes almost $900k a year.

From you, the taxpayer.

That's one CEO making a tidy little profit, for a non-profit.

This is completely indefensible for messages that no one listens to. Typical Socialist BS. I challenge any one to give me an example of where these million dollar campaigns made the slightest blip in the road on fighting their propaganda road. Another self licking ice cream cone, brought to you by Uncle Sugar.

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