Saturday, December 14, 2013

Arizona Repugnant laments city of Glendale's Fiscal Woes, after cheerleading them into bankruptcy

But what do you expect of the Marxists over at the Arizona Republic. First they cheer that big government  idiot (Moderate if you're a Republic writer) McCain for taking on the Goldwater Institute. All the Goldwater Institute was trying to do was force some fiscal sanity on the situation. But what do you expect from a paper that's going broke itself?

Now they're all like, "Woe is Glendale for making stupid sports decisions like the Coyotes."

The only bright spot in that whole fiasco is while people might still live in Glendale if it goes broke, no one is going to have to read that crappy newspaper if it goes broke. But maybe they can rent out the building as low income housing to a bunch of socialistic out of work former Republic columnists. I understand they're going to be a little short of cash soon.Too bad they can't put John McCain there with them, and call the place a 'Moderate' living facility for RINOs.

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