Monday, December 16, 2013

Arizona Repugnant Trashes Border Patrol Agents, forgets about Obama's defacto amnesty order to them

The Arizona Republic's Marxist Morons are at it again:

Whining and crying about the Border Patrol shooting at the criminals that are crossing the border illegally, drugs and all. Where is the investigation about the defacto amnesty that Obama has ordered, effectively breaking his oath of office and selectively enforcing the laws of the United States?

Oh, wait! There aren't any of those investigations. Where are the investigations of the worthless state agencies that the "journalists" at the Repugnant are supposed to cover. Except for the occasional piece on the unbelievable screwed up CPS, the sounds of crickets chirping into the night reigns over at the Republic as they blissfully ignore any and all wrongdoing locally (unless it's by law enforcement or the military) because here at the Republic we're for big government, and big government at all levels has to be good. If it's not good, then how can we be for it. Wasn't that a Pink Floyd song or something?

The only redeeming feature of the article is in the comments section where online users are hammering away at the Repugnant's 'investigation.' Except for the two liberal readers who still subscribe to that piece of liberal talking points crap, everyone pretty much is waiting for their demise. Maybe I can buy it for a dollar, like that other libtard publication sold for...what were they called?

 Gee, I've forgotten them.

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