Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Once more, the Arizona Repugnant gets it wrong on how to fix CPS

Just fire the Director, that'll fix everything:


Ya know, it's funny. I don't remember the Republic demanding the firing of Sebellus with the disastrous Obamacare roll out. But this will fix forty years of apathy and incompetence at CPS. Just fire the director. Oh, and throw more money at it. And don't forget to throw more worthless liberal think tank studies at it. And fill it full of morons that majored in government bullshit in college, or worse; Women's Studies. Maybe you can get one of those morons that paid 150k for a worthless masters in Woman's Studies at Columbia. I hear there's a whole passel of those horse's asses that need a job.

Go figure.

By the way, in case anybody thinks I pay for that rag, let me put those thoughts to rest. I don't pay jack to jibe at the idiotic Obama praetorian guard Marxist Democrat party sycophantic ass kissing crap printed in the Arizona Republic. Everything ranted on here is free stuff. I wouldn't give them a wooden nickel to keep their shitty newspaper on life support for one more minute. Actually they should pay people to read it, which would be in line with their socialist view of how to run a business. Weird that that business model never seems to work out, except for NPR, and part of the US Auto Industry. Maybe the Repugnant can get their paying readers (both of them) to pitch it to the Marxists we have in the Arizona State Legislature. You know, the ones that signed us up for that Obamacare disaster along with that idiot Jan Brewer who should have made her Botox appointment instead of mustering the votes needed to sink the state's budget with the calamity of Obamacare.

No offense.

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