Thursday, December 19, 2013

EJ Morontini of the Repugnant...getting it wrong. Almost always

I recently watched a video of EJ Montini, longtime Marxist columnist for the Arizona Republic where he endeavors to 'make the state go in the right direction.'  Or the left direction. I forget which. By the right direction he means the way of North Korea, Cuba, and don't forget the latest: Venezuela. We're not quite there yet, in Caracas they're jailing retail managers and looting their stores. But until we reach that happy point where Morontini is digging through garbage cans to look for food, right now all he has to bitch about is  HB2593 a bill which raises campaign contributions.

Why the hell do we have bills limiting campaign contributions at all? So one majority party doesn't get control of media assets for campaigns? Kinda like Morontini and his jackass liberal stooges in the media have control over the process now. 95% of those turds are leftists, if you haven't noticed. They're the ones that are cheer leading Obama right now, along with Reid and Pelosi as they take the country over a fiscal cliff of hyperinflation.

So, Morontini is saying "...we lose again," with the passage of  HB2593. By 'we' he means Castro, Stalin, Obama, himself, his Marxist liberal idiots in the media who have never lived under the boot of Socialism, but they're making it happen here. Chipping away at the freedoms in the Constitution, changing the name of Socialism to Progressivism, telling the two paying readers of the Republic left, that they're losing.

But we've already lost a huge amount of our freedoms by people listening to Morontini and his ilk. One of the freedoms is the amount we contribute to a candidate. The right to have a phone call without it being listened in on by the NSA (it's for your own good you know). The right to get on an airplane without seeing an 80 year old woman or a six year old girl fondled by a jack booted thug. OK, they look more like fat lesbian dwarves than Nazis in many cases, but you get my meaning.

So, Morontini, no Socialism for you today. Keep writing, you may still get it before the Repugnant is sold for a dollar. Tell me where you're printing your column when the Repugnant succumbs to the freedom of the people of Arizona.  The freedom equating to no one buying your rag. Then you'll truly have your 'equality.'

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