Friday, December 20, 2013

Looking at Arizona Political blogs, a tour of mediocrity

But are there any good local political blogs? I think not. The Washington Compost (hat tip for that name, Mark Levin) recommends Blog for Arizona, which for me is like a stock tip from Bernie Madoff.

There's a Donkey on that site, maybe he couldn't find a picture of a horses ass. The first article I saw was No, Obamacare is not in a death spiral. Maybe its a death race between Obamacare or the government, or maybe Obamacare will take down the feds. If Obamacare takes out the fed government, would that be a death spiral or a life spiral? For the people of the US. Blog for Arizona, or maybe I'll call it Blog for Arizona Marxists says that: A majority of Americans says “providing access to affordable health care coverage for all Americans is the responsibility of the federal government,” by 54-43. 

Then he's got a bunch of other crap from this poll, from the New York Slimes, and CBS, the Communist Broadcasting System. Apparently they put this poll together from calling their own staffs and asking their opinions. Like all Marxists, Blog for Arizona Marxists had to dig deep to find a bright spot in the Socialist Utopian nightmare that is literally making people desperate. I don't know what an opinion poll has to do with whether this plan is a good plan or not, but Donkey Marxist doesn't care about things like that. If he did he wouldn't be a Marxists now would he? He'd believe in the concept of limited government that the founding fathers started this country with. Luckily, that idea will survive. Big government socialism? We know where that always ends. Show me one that has survived in the long term. Just one. 

But I have to thank Blog for Arizona Marxist for giving me material to bag on. As Shrek said, "Thanks Donkey!"
And since we're citing polls, I wonder how all those idiots in the polls can be saying that, and also saying that Big Government is our greatest threat:

Somebody's poll is crap. I'm guessing it's the New York Slimes poll. Much like their newspaper.
Then we have this other blog, the Hamer Times. Hamer is President of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This translates to crony capitalism in actions, if not words. And this entry, proves that he's a crony capitalist:

Where he agrees with the Arizona Repugnant on a new study needed to attract Mexican Tourists. Seems to me we don't have a problem attracting Mexican Tourists to this state. Getting them to go home now, that's a problem. Getting them to stop stealing crap out of my garage (just got ripped off last week by two "Mexican Tourists") is a problem. 

So Hamer is a wash. We'll label him a Neo-statist crony capitalist. But, hey, better than a Marxist.

Then we have Arizona Eagletarian, who is an Egalitarian  Get it? Eagletarian, Egalitarian  Clever or what? Brilliant baby! He must have learned that in law school. And what exactly is an egalatarian. Wikipedia says that its a trend of thought that favors equality for all people. It also says that Milton Friedman embraced Egalitarianism which is a total falsehood. Milton Friedman specifically stated on a number of occasions that when you strive for equality at the expense of liberty then you will have neither. History bears this out with many examples of failed forced equality in Socialist governments. And make no mistake, Arizona Eagletarian is a Socialist, look at his blogroll; Arizona House Democrats, Democratic Diva, Blah blah Socialist this, Blah blah Socialist that. 

Of course he's a Marxist, but he'll never say that. No, no, He's an Egalitarian!  He wants to redistrict Arizona. For equality you see. Not so the Democrats can stack the deck with Marxists who know what's good for you. 

I'll continue the march of mediocrity later, I need to go vomit after reading this stuff.

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