Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A reading from "What Social Classes owe to each other" by William Graham Sumner

Written over a hundred years ago in 1883, it's still as true today:

"It is very popular to pose as a "friend of humanity,"
or a "friend of the working classes."
The character, however, is quite exotic in the
United States. It is borrowed from England,
where some men, otherwise of small account,"
have assumed it with great success and advantage.
Anything which has a charitable sound and a kindhearted
tone generally passes without investigation,
because it is disagreeable to assail it."

"Passes without investigation" is the battle cry of what ails us now. Obamacare, with the Marxists shrilling, "What are we going to do about the poor?" I guess we'll just make everyone poor.

My favorite phrase is, "Some men, otherwise of small account."

Otherwise of small account list: Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, and last, but not least, the king of community organizers himself, Barack Hussein Obama. Small account, small knowledge of history, small dreaming men.

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