Friday, February 21, 2014

The Federal leviathan's lust for power is affecting everything

A few weeks ago, we had notice the the feds, under the new banking laws (punishment) are coming to inspect our risk models at the company I work for to make sure we're doing a good enough job measuring risk.

Stop me if I'm wrong, but its none of their goddamn business how we're measuring risk, as long as we've insured our depositors against catastrophe. Such stupid and unconstitutional laws, layered like an onion and just as eye-watering haven't changed the risks to depositors and just add another layer of corporate stupidity and panic to an industry that's already filled with stupidity and panic. But some of us are 'allowed' to use our own risk models. Maybe someday, some of us will be 'allowed' to breath.

There is no way to make money now as a bank, unless you charge admin fees because of the fed already turning the system upside down with interest rates that are below the inflation rate. When the fed stops devaluing our currency to the tune of  $80 billion a month of quantitative easing, there will be another huge wave of bank failures when the government teat dries up.

And if you want to hear the news of that, you may have problems because the FCC is going to start going around grilling news organizations (conservative ones anyway) about how they pick their stories in another subversive exercise in soft tyranny. The new stations can't do anything, because the FCC can pull their license. The conservative news organizations should refuse in mass, and hold a 24 hour blackout so we can all see what a one party socialist dystopia serviced by the Obama praetorian guard of a media (hat tip Mark Levin) looks like.

The real question is, how far will this go? How much regulation, money manipulation, and tyranny before the bough breaks and we have to reboot the Constitution?

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