Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ICE Hunger strike in Phoenix

Some hunger strikers protesting family deportations in Phoenix:

Looks to me their fat asses could use a hunger strike. I also noted that the idiotic main stream media is not so stupid that they would print this image of a bunch of lard asses were stupid enough to stage a hunger strike.

The local radio station was dumb enough to cover it, and interviewed one of the burrito butts about the strike, who shrilly cried, "Being a human is not illegal." That is so wise.

You know what is illegal? Driving without a license or insurance and wrecking my car, driving up my rates. Stealing my motorcycle while I'm deployed in the Marine Corps, protecting your fat ass. Smashing the back window of my SUV and stealing my tools. All of these things were committed to me or members of my family in the last twenty five years by illegals.

So take your fat, illegal, hunger-striking, no insurance having, emergency room clogging asses back across the border. Couldn't you guys find one protester that didn't look like bag of potatoes? Just one?

No offense.


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