Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Studies you won't find on the Main Stream Media about same-sex families

I'm not posting this stuff because I'm anti same-sex marriage. I'm posting it because I'm anti-Main Stream Media.

Here's a suppressed study about same sex families called The Kids's Aren't All Right:

The study found that children of lesbian mother couples were more likely to have trouble establishing social relationships, more likely to have trouble with the law, and more likely to cheat on their partner than children from traditional families.

Here's another story backing that up with a poor confused child, who can't figure out what happened and has had trouble relating and with relationships his whole life.

Maybe we have this social structure of a conventional family, because nature set it up that way. Liberals are always telling us not to screw with nature. Unless it's a gay thing, then it's OK to screw with nature.Well, nature is looking for some payback in the form of social awkwardness, unemployment, and problems in relationships. I've come from a family line of screwed up liberals for three generations of divorce, ill-conceived relationships, and bad career planning . And guess what we have in our extended family in abundance:

1) Social Awkwardness
2) Unemployment
3) Screwed up kids because of relationship problems

I'm the only one who finished college, has a career, and has a stable marriage. And the only conservative. Imagine that.

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