Friday, March 7, 2014

1913: the year that destroyed the Republic

What happened in 1913 that was so bad. No history texts mention that year, books aren't written about 1913, no major wars were fought.

So let me educate you about 1913:

Democrats were in charge of both chambers. Uh-oh. We all know what happens next.

1) The Federal reserve was created. Those idiots that failed during the depression, and are about to wipe out our currency. Strike one.

2) The 16th amendment was passed, giving Congress the power to tax a citizens income. Control over your bank account, your employer, the IRS, and all the malfeasance that goes with it. Strike two.

3) The 17th amendment. Senators were elected, rather than appointed by the state legislatures. We already have elected representatives in the House. The Senate is a place where the states legislatures had control, a direct link to control of federal abuses. Bringing us closer to a direct democracy, the tyranny of the majority, and things that the framers abhorred. Strike three.

So the seeds of the current epic fail, were caused by another group of morons a century ago. The good news: the Republic will survive. We'll be better off when the Fed loses its monetary teeth, the IRS is collecting worthless currency, and the federal leviathan can't pay its army of warts on a hog's ass that work for it.

But when Aunt Hippie, and Uncle Socialist, who depended on their Medicare and Social Security come knocking on your door for a handout, give them a gentle reminder that they voted for the idiots that caused the collapse and send them packing with an apple or something. And don't forget to remind them, that they already took the Social Security that you paid into the system, so they owe you. They can hang out when they can give you that back.

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Anonymous Contractor said...

Too bad McCain can't be pulled back by the State Legislature