Wednesday, March 12, 2014

E. J. Montini of the Arizona Repugnant says it's time for Jan Brewer to go

Oh yes, yes he does:

And I agree. It's time for her to go. And can she please take you with her, E.J? So we can all move forward. But since you are taking the Arizona Republic down with you, I shouldn't complain too much.

Btw E.J. what does the EJ stand for? Eradicate Justice? Educated Jerk? Erroneous Jabberer? Elitist Jalapeno? From the looks of you, maybe Embalmed Jaundice.

Embalmed Jaundice has been with the Repugnant since 1979, so he's ridden that horse all the way to the bottom. Good Job EJ! He's got a two line entry in Wikipedia saying he's been here throughout the rising temperatures. Sounds like EJ wrote his own entry, getting all global warmy on us and sheeit!

Here be some science, for those journalist majors like EJ, who don't do math and all that. A temperature chart for Phoenix from 1979, the year the Repugnant was dumb enough to hire Embalmed Jaundice:


Here is temps for 2013, where EJ is starting to resemble the main character from Weekend at Bernies:

Notice anything, science gurus? They're almost exactly the same! Back when you were pitching the rainforest, remember? What ever happened to your rainforests? Overpopulaton? All your other crap? The same thing as global warming. Another bullshit scam for people who don't habla! Thanks EJ, for bringing us the news, that isn't, for 35 years.

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