Saturday, April 5, 2014

Greg Proops, Uncomic, Liberal, Closeted Turd

I thought it unusual that the StandUpLive Comedy club in downtown Phoenix would call me last Thursday, asking if we wanted free tickets to the show on Friday night. I looked up the comedian and it was some dude named Greg Proops. Apparently they couldn't sell enough tickets for the show.

Greg Proops spent half the show insulting Arizonans. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good roast now and again. What I can't stand is some liberal Hollywood Fuck, coming out here in an ill-fitting suit,  and telling us how to run our state, after they've nuked one of the prettiest places on the Earth, and turned it into a cesspool of debt and crime.

So that's why nobody showed up. Proop's poop, is a little too stinky. Greg is way outta touch with the people here, the current sentiment in America, and frankly his own sexuality. Apparently the guy is married, but I'm pretty sure he prefers the gerbil races. Just saying. Looking at pictures of him and his wife, its clear they have a typical Omega-dominant female relationship.

Also, as an added benefit Proop helped create that stink-bomb, franchise-destroying, Jar-Jar Binks having, Episode I, the Phantom Menace Bomb. The most disappointing movie of all time. Just for that he deserves to be cast out to Venezuela or Cuba, where he can stand in line for toilet paper. Maybe then he'll figure out that Marxism isn't all its cracked up to be. Probably not, those idiots never get it.

So help him on his way, and don't pay to see his shows. Next time StandUpLive calls me, I'll ask them how much they're going to pay me to have to listen to these idiots. I'll take $100 an hour. At least.

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