Friday, April 4, 2014

The only people that didn't have guns on Fort Hood, were the ones following regulations

To the base commanders, commanding generals and liberal idiots in charge of them that allowed the Fort Hood shootings by not arming your soldiers:

It is a complete disgrace that you do not trust your soldiers to carry weapons and defend themselves. The Fort Hood shooters' bodies should be riddled with bullets from the soldiers that defended themselves. Those soldiers on post should be required to carry loaded arms at all times, except when they are off duty or at PT.

You have made the U.S. Army a laughingstock with these weapons policies. You probably talk among yourselves with claims that more lives would be lost than saved if you implemented mandatory carry policies.  Is that the case? Do we have that many incidents in theater, when all soldiers are carrying weapons? I'll tell you who shouldn't be trusted with weapons and soldiers. You shouldn't, the clowns with stars on your collars, and flags on your lapels who won't stand up for the soldiers that stand up for you.

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