Friday, April 18, 2014

MGTOW and Men's Rights Rants on the Internet

Men going their own way is a movement of men's rights who have decided to cast aside the gynocentic corporate bullshit that we've been dealing with lately, forgo dating, and tell society to go to hell.

While I'm not willing to start ignoring women (especially since I'm married) the movement has been picking up steam in the manosphere, which is overwhelmingly conservative/libertarian and anti-Marxist. Most of their points revolve around the fact that the feminist movement and the modern woman is implicitly and explicitly disrespectful to men and has a Marxist philosophy.

The feminists and their Marxist cohorts have been extremely successful in substituting the patriarchal  system with the matriarchal disaster that is western society. From the destruction of the inner city, to the destitution of the American family. Well done!

Here is one of their Marxist Mangina agents, heaping scorn on the MGTOW movement:

Inside Red Pill, The Weird New Cult For Men Who Don't Understand Women

Look at this clown, Dylan Love, who wrote the article. Women look at him with his hipster, omega-mangina attitude and insult him behind his back while he's supporting their cause. He's relegated to having sex with tattooed, chubby, pierced monsters from the black lagoon of corporate suburbia.

Love's under the surface premise is that the men in MGTOW don't understand women, and he does of course! Maybe he understands them because he's looking for some peg d action. See Popp's video's for description of what peg d is:

Love then proceeds to heap scorn and abuse on MGTOW, by going to a feminist, and asking what they thought of the Red Pill philosophy. Oddly enough, the feminist referred to the movement as "...a group of hateful, militant, extremists." Proving Sandman's point that woman and feminists will use emotion and guilt as a manipulative tactic instead of rationality and logic.

The Red Pill supporters in the article use statistics and numbers, the Mangina Dylan Love uses terms like 'Weird' and 'Don't Understand Women,' his feminist ally uses 'hateful' and 'extremist' to further their argument. An inherent admission that they have no argument against the philosophy.

Ironically, Love is writing for a journal called Business Insider, furthering a Marxist/Feminist cause, and proving that Business Insider should be called Marxist Insider. Anybody who reads Business Insider for business advice would be better off asking Castro's ghost for advice on how to run a business. Or a society for that matter. Apparently, Business Insider ain't doing too good at running a business:

The only advice Business Insider is qualified to give, is on losing money. Maybe they should run for office.

To further the irony, the Mangina Dylan Love writes a lot of technology articles. He loves tech, but he obviously doesn't understand engineering and numbers, a non-technical drone looking in through the shop windows at the magic in the workshop where men live and create. His scorn of the Red Pill community shows that he really doesn't understand what women are after either. The same women heap insults on him behind his back, where they have taped a piece of paper with an Omega symbol on it, laughing and kicking all the while. Love's fellow Betas, Omegas, and Feminists are reading his article and nodding in agreement like clapping seals, waiting for their handout of government benefits from a bucket sticking of rotting fish.

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