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Obama administration pressures military to put women in combat roles

Tonight I'm going to talk about how President Obama and Leon Panetta are going to turn the world's foremost fighting force into a bunch of whining, sniveling bitches.

Obama administration pressures military to put women in combat roles...

And the Marine Corps and military services caved. If the standards were kept the same,  I would be ok with that, but they'e already talking about how the system will be unfair to women, and how special considerations need to be made, and other assorted bullshit that will further lesson our combat effectiveness, until it's comparable to a French poodle with a princess attitude.

Here's an idiot campaigning for that in the MarineTimes, an Army Colonel named Ellen Harring:

  "...The male team is being called the “control group” against which the other teams will be measured. Therein lies the beginning of the problem."

Oh, we can't have a control group made of men to see if the women are as combat effective as the men, now can we. They might be better. Why is this Army soldier even giving this advice. Oh, she really doesn't look like a soldier. Here's Col Haring:

So we have Grandma here, telling us how to run a combat test. Good pick MarineTimes. Maybe you can get Shaggy and Scooby to tell us how to run a breaching operation next. My Marines wouldn't follow Grandma Ellen here into  a Dairy Queen, much less into a combat engagement. Here's more crap from Grandma Ellen:

"The Army Research Institute previously conducted the Maximum Women Army Content study to determine the maximum number of women that could be allowed into Army units before unit performance is degraded. Interestingly, the study found no relationship between the percentage of women in Army units and any subsequent degradation of capabilities. When the Army didn’t get the results they were expecting, namely that women degrade capabilities, they conducted a follow-up study designed to determine if women would hold up over extended periods of time. The follow-up study similarly found no degradation to unit performance over time."

I could find no reference to the study she cited, so I can't comment on it. But this is complete bullshit of course. I have had to carry women's crap for them on hikes, put up with them not showing up for deployments at the last minute, see them get pushed through OCS when they only had to carry half the load of the men (and still failed, but were 'talked in' to not dropping because the staff had to meet a quota, and all kinds of assorted bullshit over a twenty year career. 

This started at my first unit, where the unit admin chief was told by one of the little bitches that he couldn't write her up for misconduct because "Capt Schmuckitelly is sleeping with me." That ended Schmuckitelly's career, but Lance Corporal IHaveAVagina was unscathed.

Lately, the Marine Corps has been letting women officer's attempt to go through the Infantry Officer's Course, which is a ball buster. Apparently it's even more of a vagina buster when the vagina's have to hack the same standards as the men.

 This little piece of female rat-trash named Santangelo washed out, and bitched in the Washington Post about it:

Fourteen women have tried, and failed, the Marines’ Infantry Officer Course. Here’s why.

You want to know why? Because it's the Marine Corps you stupid, lazy little twit. It's twenty mile hikes carrying fifty to a hundred pounds. It's horrible conditions, swamp water and gun powder. It's sleep deprivation and blisters and bad food. Here's what she said:

"Female lieutenants aren’t as prepared as male lieutenants for the Infantry Officer Course’s tests of strength and endurance because they’ve been encouraged to train to lesser standards. Officer Candidates School, where all Marine officers start out, is segregated by sex."

And if you did have to compete with us, you wouldn't have made it through that crap, and would have dropped then. Because Marine Corps OCS is a ball buster too. And, Marine Corps OCS isn't there to train you by the way. You have to be in shape when you get there. The real mission of Marine Corps OCS is to screen you. To see if you're tough enough. Which you aren't by the way, or you wouldn't be bitching in the Washington Post about your failures, you would take it like a man. 

But, of course you don't know OCS is for screening, because you were never screened. Because you have a vagina, you were given a blank check to pass. And then you prove that was a bad call by stating the usuals about washing out of IOC. "It's the Marine Corps fault I wasn't well prepared." Blah-blah-blah. Of course she get's another chance. I guess that's what happens when you elect a political air winger to the commandant's position.

By the way, if you're a Marine Officer, and you bitch about your failures in the Washington Compost, or the New York Slimes, or Sixty Boring Minutes, then you're not a Marine Officer. You're a piece of shit. No offense. I'd rather have the biggest shitbag in the Air Force working for me then this stupid piece of crap. No offense to the biggest shitbag in the Air Force.

Like I said, I saw this shit when I was at OCS in Quantico. The small platoon of women that were in our company were allowed a lowered standard during the school. A lot of them wanted to quit anyway, but the company staff argued them into staying so they could meet their quota. When one of the male candidates spoke up about the unequal standards and these substandard officers that were allowed into the Marine Corps he was jacked up by the same staff members.

Maybe this piece of crap, Santangelo needs to go over to the Army where she will be given a lot more unequal treatment, just so the command doesn't have to see her bitching in the Washington Compost about how a downtrodden little turd wasn't given a fair shot.  She doesn't belong in my Marine Corps though. None of them do, until they can prove they can hack the same standards. Amos will give IOC orders to graduate the little bitch no matter what, and that's how it will start. Our infantry will be weakened once more, the Marine Corps will be weakened, and the United States will be weakened.

Amos should have let them eat static, and should have made a stand. You're the Commandant of the Marine Corps for God's sake, the worse they can do is retire you. And in the administration's present state of weakness, they wouldn't dare. If Obama has shown us anything, its that he won't stand up to a true fighter who knows what he's doing.

Here's what's going to happen, according to Robert Maginnis (and what we've seen in the past):

"– First, standards will be lowered. As a practical matter, there has to be a certain minimum number of women in combat units for the policy to succeed. That can be accomplished only by “gender norming” the standards for combat service. Lower standards will inevitably degrade combat effectiveness, and the nation will be less secure. There is also good evidence that the policy will harm military recruitment and retention.
– Second, women who serve as ground combatants, whether by choice or under compulsion, will suffer disproportionate physical and psychological harm.

– Third, the already serious problem of sexual assault in the military will get worse. Notwithstanding the Administration’s wishful thinking, this prediction is borne out by the statistics"

Here's another grandmother named Janis Karpinski who was in charge of the Abu Ghraib prison unit, and who ran her mouth saying she was being made a scapegoat for the incident.

What was that leadership class in OCS, oh, yeah, I remember it now. It went something like this, "You can delegate tasks, but you can't delegate responsibilities." I guess she got a pass on that too!
Did Petraeus go on the networks and whine about the unfairness of it all. No, he took it like a man. Because he is a man, and a fine soldier.

And how well have women been assimilated into law enforcement, closely related to the military. In 2005, Brian Nichols was on trial in the Atlanta Courthouse:

"Cynthia Hall, a 5'1″, 51-year-old sheriff's deputy was routinely assigned to guard the 6'1″ Nichols during his two trials under Judge Barnes."

Here's the grandmother who was guarding Nichols:

Nichol's escaped, killed a judge, and went on a rampage, racking up 54 counts.

Then this sheriff's deputy, after she failed to do her job, sues the sheriff for not 'providing a safe working environment.'

"Cynthia Hall, a courtroom deputy employed by the Sheriff of Fulton County,
appeals the dismissal of her complaint that the Sheriff and his employees violated
her due process rights by failing to provide a safe work environment."

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