Friday, May 30, 2014

Salon Feminist Supporter manages to find way to blame men for #killallmen Hashtag Conversation

Yep, no joke:

Other Salon articles by this idiot, Mary Elizabeth Williams:

It's OK to like an abortion clinic

Too bad your mom didn't

A fetus is more than "goo"

Not if you like abortion clinics

Beck's "Blaze" thinks college rape is hilarious

You know what's really hilarious? The nasty slore that made up a rape charge against a brother Marine of mine while they were in college.

An abortion goes viral

Are we noticing a common theme here?

We have to fight for the right to die

You're right, I think you should make your own statement on that issue. 

 Want to change the world, build a better maxi pad

Seems to me like you're writing for a maxi pad

Micheal Sam is the future of football

And you know that because of your huge football statistics library, and knowledge of ARIMA forecasting techniques. Isn't it for hard to have any future if all we have are homosexuals and abortion clinics? Just asking.

The Raiders' unbelievably sexist cheerleader handbook

If they had written an abortion and right to die handbook, you'd be their biggest cheerleader.

When antiabortion law hurts a grieving family: Texas denies brain-dead pregnant woman's rights

I knew you could do it Mary. You got abortion and right to die in one article. If you'd gotten a gay NFL football player in there, it would've been a trifecta!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MSM and feminist culture blame Manosphere and Masculinity for Elliot Rodger, when the culprit was quite the opposite

Feminists and the main stream media (is there really a difference) wasted no time in blaming the NRA, the manosphere, and American masculinity on the disaster wrought by Elliot Rodger. The reality was staring at them in the mirror.

Feminists and the Main Stream Media culprits that foster them, are to blame. The anti-masculine culture that they have fostered, the coddling of Elliot Rodger by his mother and the mental health community, the blame of society instead of the individual, these are all female driven acts. Elliot Rodger is a creation of the left. Raised by the Hollywood Elite, and like most of their children, turned out to be a complete disaster.

The Washington Post, wants to blame the manosphere:

The Washington Post, who has done everything they can to feminize American, and blames the few remaining men in America for this kid, who was raised by people who read the Washington Post and the the LA Times for child rearing advice.

Feminists want the Men's Rights Movement to be declared a terrorist organization because of Elliot Rodger:

I guarantee Elliot Rodger, being the little California punk that he was, was surrounded by feminists and their supporters while he was growing up, telling him what women want, and then failing at dating miserably as he followed their crappy advice. If he had a strong male role model around, chances are, he wouldn't have ended up like this. Instead, he had an indulgent mother, a missing or weak father, and no male role model. Something you will never hear about from the idiots that are causing these incidents more and more, and making the situation worse and worse. Google the statistics on fatherless children, and you'll see an Army of Eliot Rodgers, waiting in the wings.

Pay particular attention to Popp's points ten and up in this video, and see if you see anything familiar with Rodgers behavior, ultra-sensitive, Momma's boy, and no concept of honor:

And then we have all the usual suspects blaming the NRA and guns, Dianne Feinstein, and the Hollywood Crowd:

They forgot to mention the Rodgers stabbed his first victims. Why aren't they going after the knife manufacturers and the Knife Rights Association, and all the knife owners of America? Aren't they responsible for those deaths? Or, when someone runs over someone else in their car, how come they don't go after the auto manufactures, or when someone kills someone with a nail gun, maybe we need to go after the nail gun manufacturers. One person with a gun, could have stopped Rodgers. But California has the strictest gun laws in the country, which is working out pretty well for the feminists who run the state, wouldn't you say Diane?

Here's an article on on "Psychiatrists Explain Why Disarming the Mentally Ill Won't Prevent Mass Murders:"

  Maybe not, but it will keep mentally ill people from mass murdering, now wouldn't it? Another article from Psychology Today, about Mass Murders on the Rise:

  I would call that a failure of modern psychological research, wouldn't you? Here's some facts on the harder science, Nueroscience, and advances:

Pretty impressive, aren't they? Here are the advances related to Psychology and mass murder:


Or worse, we're going backward.

Here's Stefan Molyneux's take on the incident, which pretty much mirrors my own:


In the clip above, Molyneux goes over Rodger's mistreatment by his stepmother, and neglect by his father. I had a nasty bitch of a stepmother also, and a weak father. When I was fourteen he let the nasty bitch throw me out of the house, and my sister a year later, while showering gifts on my half brother. When he got old enough to ask why I didn't live with them, she told my half-brother that I had given them an ultimatum that if they didn't get rid of him I would leave. Then they perpetuated this fiction for over twenty years. Last year when I described the scene when she threw me out of the house, my brother was flabbergasted.

So why didn't I turn out like Rodgers. A few reasons, but mostly strong role models. In some of the homes I bummed around in, my boss at a hardware store I worked in, and later in the Marine Corps where there are a ton of guys who provided me with examples of strong leadership and, honor, justice, and responsibility. I'm not gonna sit here and blow sunshine up your ass all day, we had our share of bad eggs. But nowhere else did I find so many who worked hard, and gave their all to do their job, be good fathers, and good examples to all those around them.

Here's a Salon clown telling us how he could have been Eliot Rodgers, but he didn't like guns:

Cause it's always about the guns, isn't it? And his liberal parents didn't let him play with guns. But they still managed to raise a weird kid, with mangina world views.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Google craps on the Men who died for them, no doodle for Memorial Day

Today, we honor the men who died fighting for this country, on the day known as Memorial Day.  Except for Susan Sarandon, Obama (although I'm sure he'll fake it), the liberals in San Francisco who will find a vet at the airport returning from Afghanistan to spit on, and Google, who will find every obscure cause you've never heard of to honor on their webpage, except the men who gave their all.

All these turds who would rather celebrate the American Taliban (who is also from the Bay area...go figure) will NOT honor the brave men (and two women) who died for their freedom, which they are freely giving away to the federal leviathan in the name of Socialism, and all that is unholy, so help me Marx.

To all of you, who revile the American Servicemen, who caused the VA nightmare because of your apathy, who reward our enemies, and punish our friends, I hope you get what you deserve. A Socialist dystopia, where you have no freedoms left to give away. And when you look across the river, and see the shining towers in the land of the free, may you weep for your loss. But, you'll probably just whine and try to pin it on the free men who were still brave enough to fought for their own freedom, for that is the way of the passive aggressive victimized little socialist bitch, known as the progressive.

May your lamentations rise into the night, like the music of failure.

*Correction, apparently Google has gotten sensitive about the criticism and added a small flag and ribbon to the bottom of their page. Better late than never, although why do they have to be shamed into it? Because they don't give a crap, that's why.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

As Sparta goes, so goes the United States

We are currently at a crossroads in the U.S., where men are refusing to marry women at the highest rates in our history, where children are growing up without fathers, and where the base population is declining (if you discount immigration).

As Sandman points out here, no society in history with a declining population has survived over the long term:

This decline hit the Spartans, the most warlike society in history, their entire male citizen population was trained from the age of seven to twenty to be professional warriors. This was a good thing, if you're fending off an attacker like the Persians at the battle of Thermopylae, one of the most famous battles of all time. So much so, we're still talking about this 2500 years later.

So, how did the Spartans fall? Were they killed off by an attacker? No, not really. Like all populations, the Spartan population replenishment, depended on the women. And the women in Sparta had special privileges, unheard of in the ancient world. The Spartan women held all the property, this gave them an extraordinary amount of power. Spartan women were notorious for speaking their mind. They were able to divorce if they wanted to. They could even have a younger lover if they wanted. They were able to wear more revealing clothes, and exercise in the nude. In other words, the Spartan women acted a lot like the women in western civilization do today. Eventually, they took their men's power. The women of Sparta turned the greatest warriors in the history of the planet into compliant Beta providers. Eventually the men stopped procreating with the women, and the population declined. Sparta didn't fall, it crumbled and disappeared.

If we don't take the lesson of the Spartans, people will talk about the United States the same way as Sparta. How we had the most powerful military ever seen, yet we turned the Country into a default Matriarchy, and disappeared. Not like the Romans, who lasted a thousand years, but the Spartans, who only lasted a few hundred years.

The population cycle drives human history

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Phoenix VA, government healthcare, coming at you

And I was mad at them for losing my DD214, and whole bunch of other crap. But that's silly compared to this:

 But don't worry. Obama said he's gonna fix it. That's what he does, fix things!

This woman, they're talking about, getting bonuses:

And driving around in her Mercedes, needs to tried by a jury of vets. Too bad we can't give her the same sentence those 40 vets got.

Apparently, she was doing it before, and got promoted for it:

Sharon, the now disgraced VA director is "open to collaborative discussion to improve VA health care." I'm open to it too.