Thursday, July 10, 2014

An Elementary School Fail in Scottsdale hits home

I found out yesterday, that the elementary school that I went to in Scottsdale Arizona, is going to be closed:

According to the article, the occupancy rate of the school is at 47%. In fact, there are several schools who's occupancy is falling. What's going on? What happened to our overcrowded and underfunded schools? Didn't we need a tax increase in Arizona for education just a few years ago. A look at the school's demographics, tells a clearer tale than any of the MSM stories: Student Demographics for Tonalea Elementary School:

Asian        10 (2%)
Black        33 (6.26%)
Hispanic 301 (57.12%)
Native American 16 (3.04%)
White        167 (31.69%

So the school is seventy percent minorities. Are these representative of the demographics of Scottsdale?
From 2010:

Asian           1%
Black           2%
Hispanic        9%
Native American 3%
White          89%

So we can see obviously, the white population of the school is significantly underrepresented, and probably the reason that they're at 47% occupancy. The take away, is that the local white population, which is over 70% in Tonalea's zip code, is not sending their kids to school. As it is a lower middle class neighborhood (yes, they have them in Scottsdale), the local population is probably home schooling their kids, or scrimping and saving to send them to a private school. While still subsidizing Tonalea with their property taxes. But, not for long. To make things even more convoluted, from a government standpoint, the Scottsdale Unified School District is the second largest employer in the city, and not enough kids to go around.

None of these reasons were mentioned in the MSM stories, like the one the Arizona Repugnant ran of course, such things are swept under the rug, in their little socialist dystopia. If we don't print it, it didn't happen right? The New York Slimes tries to blame this on a Supreme Court decision, where the Court, in 1974 Milliken v. Bradley 'killed any hopes of integrating the public schools.' Actually, the New York Slimes, and their allies on the left killed public schools, and everything they did to make the situation better...forced busing, allowing kids to cross city lines to integrate...made the situation worse. Kinda like all the stimulus packages that their columnist Paul Krugman keeps pushing. They're poster children for Einstein's saying; "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.' The Times is, of course, full of crap. Scottsdale is an affluent suburb, and they got all integrated didn't they? Or not. Minnesota tried to bypass the court decision with an open enrollment program: Oddly enough, they failed. Miserably. But they did manage to wipe out a lot of the suburban schools. Ineterestingly enough, I while researching the article, I saw that the open enrollment had managed to kill off my stepmother's school in Northern Minnesota. From Arizona to Minnesota, failed public school programs! From the Canadian Border, to the Mexican Border, a sea of shining liberal educational and tax dollar destruction. So, to recap: 1) My old elementary school has failed, due to white flight from the public school system 2) The efforts to desegregate by government result in increased segregation, and increases in taxes, hence tax losses 3) This is not a failure of local government, but a failure of municipal, state, and national governments. All are contributors to the disaster. Its not all bad. Eventually the public school system will collapse, and the combination of home schooling and private schooling will give the kids a better education, at no public expense. And then we have the liberal idiots, who actually call their children's school, and complain about this lack of diversity. This idiot calls himself ramspaul, and has disabled comments on this video, which is the way liberals promulgate free speech. Here ramzpaul complains about his daughter's school, and its lack of diversity: This guy must be one of the dumbest people on the planet Earth. You know who he reminds me of? Chevy Chase's character in the first Vacation Movie, who stops in a Ghetto and asks for directions. I went to one of ramzpual's 'diversified' schools after Tonalea, and let me tell you, anybody who has parents that make their kids go to a school like that, should get a visit from CPS. I got my ass KICKED by those punks and thugs. It was BAD. But ramzpaul, in his little white bread, liberal, rainbow world, has no idea of the world of hurt he would put his kid in. What an idiot.

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