Friday, July 11, 2014

The American Revolution, the First International Conference on Men’s Issues, the British, and the Main Stream Media

When things started warming up in the American Colonies during the beginning of the American Revolution, not all the colonists were on board with revolting against the crown. In fact, maybe 20% of the colonists wanted to revolt, 20% were Tories who supported the Crown, and everyone else just wanted to be left alone. Although the British government could be a pain in the ass sometimes, they were basically benevolent, and did rack up some serious bills protecting the colonies. They had some legitimate points on taxing the colonies. A tax that was only 4% by the way. We pay twice as much as that in sales taxes alone, and our income tax system is horrible.

Ben Franklin was loyal to the Crown, and felt he could speak for the Colonies and patch things up with England. He went to Parliament, but was grilled by them about the Boston Tea party and American reaction to the Stamp Act, and basically treated like crap. In this way, the British alienated Franklin, and with a series of similar outrages on American soil turned the colonists against them, so by the end of the war, it was more like 80% of the colonists hated their guts, and the Tories had to leave. And if there was one guy you didn't want to piss off, it was Ben Franklin. Although he wasn't a young man at the time, he had enormous influence, and was a Polymath. Now, we have another revolution brewing. The men's right's revolution. And this time, the part of the British government will be played by: the Main Stream Media.

How? There was an MRA conference last week, the First International Conference on Men's Issues in Detroit. I had heard about the conference and Paul Elam, but I really didn't think much about it. I agree with Elam on some things, as do I with some of the other speakers at the conference, and the organizers of the conference, but I'm not aligned with them on everything. I was fairly ambivalent about the it.

Then I saw this piece by a twit who writes for Time magazine called,

"I went to the conference in suburban Detroit expecting a group of feminist-hating Internet trolls; I found much more"

Where this piece of Main Stream Media garbage named Jessica K Roy, wrote crap like, 

"Still, being surrounded by men who belly-laughed at rape jokes and pinned evil elements of human nature wholesale on women was emotionally taxing at best and self-destructive at worst. Once, during a particularly upsetting segment of the program, I had to excuse myself from the auditorium to seek refuge on the bug-filled bank of Lake St. Clair. I kept wondering why I had volunteered to fly 600 miles to attend the conference alone, to surround myself not just with crass ideological opponents, but with people with violent Internet histories who believed my very existence oppressed them. "

There's that word violent again (italics mine), connected with the internet and MRAs. What do you mean by violence, Jessica? Were they going around chopping heads off? Were they raping and pillaging? No, they were exercising their right to free speech, and the word violent doesn't belong in the same sentence with talk, or speak, or write, you stupid sack of media garbage.

Here's another jewel from the article, "...Elam published a post to A Voice for Men taking issue with my tweets during the conference, which made clear that I was upset by many of the sentiments expressed."

You don't get to be upset (italics mine) when you're reporting, Miss Shitty. You don't get to be upset, because that Freedom of the Press, that was paid for in blood by the same men you are shitting all over, that freedom is for you to report unbiased facts. Which you are obviously unable to do. Because you're UPSET.  That pisses me off. And you piss me off. 

So here's some more internet violence for you, Jessica Roy. You have absolutely no business being a reporter. You have no business advocating for a cause, or NOT advocating for a cause. Freedom of the press is a sacred right, because of the price good men paid for it. It isn't sacred so that you can be a little bitch making shit up when people are talking about ruined lives at the Men's Issues Conference. It was given to you so you can uncover corruption, like that of the current administration which you helped bring to power, or the Feminist Crap going on in courtrooms across America. The freedom of the press was given to you so you can make this world a better place, not make shit up so you can turn the US into the Feminist, Socialist, Ghetto, Dystopian States of America.

So keep it up, Jessica, and the main stream media. Keep passing those stamp acts, keep making shit up about the men's rights movement, keep getting my taxes raised so I can pay for single moms like the one that was in the checkout line in front of me today, paying with an EBT card,  while I had to make a quarterly payment to the IRS of 15,ooo dollars to pay for her brood of three kids from three different fathers. Keep acting like the British in 1775, Main Stream Media. See what happens next.

And, my ambivalence on the Conference is officially gone. Next year, they'll be getting a fatty check from me, while I have my checkbook out writing checks to the IRS. Put that in a tweet, Jessica.

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