Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BS from Main Stream Media about why men stop having sex

I was just looking over this book by Bob Berkowitz and Susan Jager-Berkowitz called Why Men Stop Having Sex.

Why Men Stop Having Sex: Men, the Phenomenon of Sexless Relationships, and What You Can Do About It

Berkowitz was the former White House correspondent from CNN, whose reporting mantras include "Conservatives bad, liberals good." CNN I mean, not Berkowitz.

Anyway, in the book they talk about a bullshit survey they put out on why men stop having sex with their wives. Here's the top reason:

Reason                                                              Percentage
She isn't sexually adventurous enough for me        68%

Here's two more issues buried in the survey:

Reason                                                              Percentage
She has gained a significant amount of weight        38%


I no longer find her physically attractive                32%

See what they've done here. The wife got fat, and/or let herself go, and the man doesn't want to sleep with her any more. Even though the authors state there is some overlap here, this is 70% when you add the two together into: she looks like ass now, and doesn't want to put forth the effort to be attractive any more. That's the number one reason. The two Berkowitzes that wrote this book, are either being purposefully deceptive, or wrote this shit for women and want them to believe that if they put their fat asses in some Victoria Secret undies and buy a trapeze, then their hubbies are going to want to rip their clothes off.

Nothing could be further than the truth. They should have told them to get some Botox and a gym membership, and stop with the deserts. But that would require real effort, and no lazy woman wants to hear that. So they bury the results at the bottom of the survey.

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