Sunday, August 10, 2014

Marine Corps Feminist Pandering, and Readiness Degraders

The fact that a full bird colonel is debasing himself in this way is sickening to me. Why didn't you just retire Colonel? Do you need the star of a general that bad, that you would prostrate yourself like this on youtube and embarrass yourself and the Marine Corps?

Now I have this other story, of this woman, the deputy commandant of midshipmen Colonel Shea. Now, I don't know Colonel Shea, and I'm sure she's a good communications officer. But we don't have enough colonels who have experience as combat arms officers that we can put in this billet? We have to pander to the administration and put a woman in here? This post should be manned by someone who is going to provide a good example and someone who has seen some serious shit. This post is for someone who is supposedly training the future leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps. And they put a comm officer in there, so they can fill the billet with a woman?

Worse yet, someone gave her a Bronze Star. Let me tell you something about the Bronze Star. You can get it with combat V, or without combat V. Without combat V, the Bronze Star is something you can give a mail clerk when they do a good job. In my opinion, it shouldn't be given out at all except for acts of heroism. which means combat V. Unfortunately the services have been doing shit like this for the last few years, giving them out to woman to pander to Congress and the Administration.

Two women in 2012 got bronze stars from the Air Force, one of them "accurately executed operational funds across eight remote bases."

Holy shit! She did her job as an accountant. We have a bona fide war hero here!

And here's the other one:

"She fought through long days and expended every ounce of her expertise to develop the financial processes for the command"

We have brave men who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, were maimed in combat, who committed acts of bravery that were overlooked by their commanders. But if you're handling finances in the Air Force get out of the way, you just saved America.

Now I have nothing against these women, I really don't. I have something against the incompetent pandering jagoff officers who are committing  these acts of dishonor on a daily basis, recommending awards for boot polishing, giving commands out because of your sex and the like.

Not only that, but this kind of shit builds some serious resentment in the ranks from those brave men who are walking patrols, running convoys, on training teams, and the thousand other jobs that involve true risk and sacrifice. Then they get passed over for medals, commands, and promotion because they aren't women. This is complete and utter bullshit.

But I shouldn't be salty about it. Not all women are getting commands and medals. Here's a story about women in the Navy that are getting pregnant while on cruise, and have to be airlifted back:

Baby Aboard: The Navy Responds to High Rates of Unplanned Pregnancies Among Sailors

Unintended pregnancies are even more common among women in the Navy than they are in the general population and they can be even more disruptive to their lives and careers. The Navy is spending January addressing this issue through its peer-mentoring group, Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD). Chapters “across the fleet” will spend the month focusing on “Planning a Family During Your Navy Career.”

Is the American taxpayer paying these sailors to go to family pregnancy classes, or are they paying them to man a station on a ship to protect this country? Honestly, if we were in a no shit war with someone like the Empire of Japan, or The Third Reich right now, we would be getting our ass kicked. This shit has got to stop.

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