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Why I'm wearing this stupid helmet

So, you might have heard that Burn the Ender is back on youtube, now calling himself Serin Edger, so make sure you cruise over to his new channel and see what's going on over there:

And that ties in nicely with why I'm wearing this stupid helmet. It goes with Freedom of Speech, or why I can't show my face on youtube. Freedom of Speech to me is a sacred right, the most sacred of our rights, given to us by the Framers of the Constitution, our Founding Fathers, and kept alive by the American fighting man. 

Why is this so important? The great economist and libertarian Milton Friedman once said that freedom was not the normal condition of man, oppression was the normal condition of man. And if you go back over human history for a couple of thousand years you will see, that this is correct. There were only a few times when human beings were not being oppressed by the individuals in power.

We are seeing this again, here, now, on youtube and the internet. This soft oppression is the case of feminists and their mangina allies going after MRAs and others who are critical of them, and asking youtube to ban their videos, label them as hate speech, or going after our livelihoods.

This is vile and despicable behavior. How many feminists have I gone after because I didn't like what they had to say? I'll tell you, not a single one. Even if I could stomach watching their drivel for more than a few seconds. But this is the way they want to fight, and will fight, by banning OUR speech, burning OUR books, censoring OUR videos. I say to them, who are the oppressors? Who are the ones that would chain us if they could, by banning our message, taxing us to death so we can pay for their healthcare, food, shelter, abortions, birth control, protection, and education? And then taking away our right to speak freely, that right paid for by the blood of the American fighting man for the last two hundred years, the men they defile at every opportunity.

I'll give you an example. A few years ago, some people wanted to honor the name of Colonel Gregory Boyington, a Marine hero who fought in the second world war by putting up a statue in his honor at the University of Washington

"Student senator Jill Edwards, according to minutes of the student government’s meeting on the subject, said she “didn’t believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce.”


Ashley Miller, another senator, argued “many monuments at UW already commemorate rich white men.”

First of all, you stupid white bitches, Col Boyington was half Cherokee Indian. Second of all, stupid white bitches from upper middle class America, he was far from rich. Now you twits have the right to speak your mind, but only because of men like him, or else you would really know the definition of what a rape culture was.

What's going on over there at the University of Washington? Let me check out their newspaper, the Daily...

UW professor strives to understand societal change,

WANPRC accused of violating the Animal Welfare Act, and

UW students, alumni, share their voice for events in Gaza.

You know, I must be some kind of idiot, I thought the University of Washington was an education facility, not a place where you can get indoctrinated so you can enjoy your new career as a barista. The only reason why I would go to school there would be because all the Manginas would make it a free for all as far as chicks, it would be like you're the only man on campus. Instead of big man on campus, you can be the only man on campus.

So we are beset by a cloud of moronic uneducated twits who are trying to silence us, and go after our livelihoods. Since I refuse to stoop to that level by silencing them, we have few options other than to get our brothers out there involved in the movement. Without men to protect them, provide them employment (the vast majority of entrepreneurs are men), or fix their houses and cars, they are completely screwed. 

So, I do refuse to go after their right to speak. But there is nothing that says they have the right to a husband, the right to have their car fixed, or the right to a plumber in the Constitution. So that is the tact we have to take. We have to spread the word to all men to start a silent protest, in Ghandi-esq fashion. You don't have to refuse service to women, but if they support feminists, if they come after our livelihood, if they try to silence us, it's going to have to come to this.

Then there is stuff like this on the Roosh forum:

Witchhunts are becoming more and more common. A full list of people purged from their jobs for their political or social views can be found here. The most recent and famous is the Modzilla CEO. Now it looks like another tech startup founder is about to go.

Imagine your account is connected to your real name. A liberal staff writer publishes a viral piece on an unpopular opinion you hold. A former girlfriend spreads a false abuse rumor. An employee part of a protected minority calls you bigoted because you don't share their politics. The mob realizes you aren't one of their tribe.

Whatever the accusation, your off hand comment or personally held view spins into a scandal as cultural elites and twitter mobs call for your resignation. Industry peers begin to distance themselves from you anticipating a purge. What would you do?

Hat tip: Vox Popoli

Here's another article from a creature named Alyssa Rosenberg, writing for the publication The "progress" that wants to inflict on us, is the progress of censorship of what they call 'hate speech.' The article is titled, 

"Facebook Sexism, YouTube Attacks On Feminist Frequency, And How Hate Speech Make Tech Take Sides"

Hate speech is a term you'll never hear a genuine lover of free speech use. In the article, Rosenberg wants youtube, facebook, and anybody else to ban what she thinks is 'offensive material' i.e. this 'hate speech.' Of course, she and her feminist friends and manginas get to determine exactly what this hate speech is. Right now she's saying it stuff that talks about rape. Soon it will be anything that mentions men's rights or father's rights. 

When they got some facebook posts removed, and some Anita Sarkeesian bullshit reinstated, Rosenburg trumpets, "the YouTub system worked exactly like the women’s coalition would like Facebook’s system to work.

By the way Allysa, I know you're going over to the Washington Post soon, and they don't exactly care about accuracy in reporting, but I believe that it's youtube, not youtub. 

Here's another blurb from Rosenberg, "heavily moderated sites like Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog at The Atlantic exist, but they’re considered exceptions rather than the general rule, which tends more towards a consensus around sentiments like “don’t read the comments.”

Yes, Rosenberg, that's a good idea. If you don't like how someone uses free speech, don't read it. You have that right. Don't listen to it. Don't play that video game that you think is too violent. You can do all these things besides becoming the little Stalinist censor that you want to be. 

Here's another gem: "these conflicts aren’t always simply a matter of community governance. Reddit’s attempts to identify the Boston Marathon bombers, for example, may have had real repercussions for falsely-identified suspects and their families."

So, we don't want to trample on the rights of terrorists or anybody, but if you post something that the little feminists don't like, well we better hang those bastards! They must be silenced.

Hey Rosenberg, I have a question for you. Any relationship between you and the Rosenbergs that sold out their country by giving the Soviets secrets of the Atomic Bomb? I'm just curious, because you seem to have a preference for Stalinism also. Just asking. By the way, this woman is absolutely hideous. She doesn't have the garish orange hair, and fatness yet, but she definitely looks like she's protesting against makeup and a good haircut. Her degree is in Humanities of course. "I care about humans. Now shut the hell up, hatespeecher!"

What's going on over there at thinkstalinism, I mean thinkprogress?

Here's some good stuff: Nicki Minaj doesn't think her butt is unacceptable,

Guardians of the Galaxy: A Superhero movie that actually cares about innocent civilians,

and the unbearable whiteness of Moses written by Jack Jenkins.

I'm sorry you think Moses, being a white man is unbearable, Jack Jenkins, white man. If you're ashamed of your whiteness, perhaps you can move to another country where they will publicly humiliate you for being white. Like Washington DC.

So we don't have any freedom of speech. Not while the little femist stalinists are trolling around facebook and youtube, excuse me youtub. Not while the trolls look up what you've been doing and go after your job. So, this is to all you Rosenbergs, and Sarkeesians, who don't like free speech, except when it's theirs, who want to burn books, and censor video games. 

Get the hell out of my country. Pack up your shit and leave. I don't care where you go, just go. We don't want to fight for you, we don't want to bleed for you, we don't want to sacrifice our lives to protect you, and we certainly don't want our free speech restricted by the likes of you.

Get out.

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