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How Emasculizing Men via Facebook, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, and Nasty Female Entititlement is a Socialist Democrat War on Men

The other day on facebook, someone reposted this disaster of a video:

In the first scene we're treated to the picture of a man who is arguing with his wife for permission to golf. Then he whips out his handy "Manslater," a handy device where the hapless, silly, man who doesn't understand female behavior can translate her seemingly irrational behavior and do what she wants to do instead of playing golf.

Which, according to the video is stay at home and watch The Notebook. I have a few things to say about this. First of all, if you have to ask a woman for permission to play golf on a Saturday and she throws a temper tantrum because she wants to stay home and watch the notebook, and you stay with that woman, then you deserve everything you get.

Now I realize that I'm lucky with Penelope.When I want to go out and play Texas Hold'em, the only thing that would piss off Penelope is that I didn't take her with me. Last week she took 1st place at a tournament. Same when I want to go down to the local range and cap a few rounds. But I noticed that almost all the men that we play with don't have their wives or girlfriends with them.

But the women (and men) that chuckle at the manginas in this video that stay home with their wives to watch the Notebook, or the guy in the second scene that puts up with his wife's nasty behavior because he forgot their anniversary. Let me tell you something, if you're a woman and that shit is so important to you, then I suggest you plant a few direct reminders. AND our involvement in an anniversary, Valentine's day, your birthday and the rest of that happy horse shit is a privilege, NOT a right.But the video is telling us that anniversaries, time on a Saturday, and Valentine's day presents are a right.

What does this mean, privilege versus right? Driving is a privilege, that means that we as a society will let you drive a car, as long as you prove that you're not a danger to the rest of us. Once you become a danger, then your privileges will be revoked.

But this is the thing with our matriarchy, socialist, feminist bullshit society tells us all these things are a right instead of a privilege, a kind of super-shit test. We must tell them otherwise. I had nasty ex-wives that decided that all these things were rights, that they could act like little entitled bitches right after we got married because society had told them that I had to put up with it. Well, I didn't have to put up with it and put I the little bitches on the launch pad. And when you don't have kids or property together, it's a matter of going down to the local courthouse and filing the papers. Three months later and the bitches are out on the street. And I think finally some of them are getting the message.

The other night, we were at a high class steakhouse here in Ithaca where your dinner is going to run you a couple of hundred bucks, where a man was with his woman at the next table, and the conversation went something like this:

Her: "Did you call ahead and tell them I like my cod like their Chicago restaurant."

Him: "No, we can tell that to the waiter."

Her: "You didn't call ahead! I told you, you need to call ahead for that. You just don't care about my needs. I can't believe that you didn't take care of that."

Him: "You are a spoiled little bitch. I'm taking you to this expensive restaurant for your birthday, and you are bitching me out about it. That's completely inappropriate. I suggest you change your attitude, or you're going to end up like the last three bitches I kicked to the curb."

Her: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Now obviously this man knew how to handle the situation, and had the history of putting them on the launch pad to back up what he was saying, but his bitchy, spoiled little princess had gotten some kind of wrong idea that not only was he supposed to take her to an extremely expensive restaurant for her birthday, but kiss her ass some more while he's doing it. After that discussion, I noticed that the man did not order any dinner, but sat there while his wife ate by herself drinking a glass a whisky. The message was clear without any translation device.

If you're going to be a nasty bitch, get used to eating alone.

Here's another gem of a video, about a nasty little bitch who didn't get her way:

Perhaps even more disturbing that the video, is the myriad of comments by women who claim that the husband (now ex-husband, he wised up about that) provoked her and did something wrong, or that "they were both acting childish," or here are some other nasty indoctrinated bitches, talking about it:

pl414 says; "I agree that he set her up. I agree that this is crazy-making behavior and gas lighting. She didn't handle this well, but there is always a last straw when one is being emotionally, and mentally abused. "
First of all, what is this term 'emotionally abused?' What the hell is that? Here's another bullshit entry from Wikipedia:

"Psychological abuse, also referred to as emotional abuse or mental abuse, is a form of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxietychronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.[1][2][3] Such abuse is often associated with situations of power imbalance, such as abusive relationshipsbullying, and abuse in the workplace"

So this is one of these psycho-babble terms that some head headshrinker in one of the 'soft' sciences claim is doing 'psychological' trauma. They claim that because there's no way to prove it of course, unless you run into somebody who believes in soft science, like someone with a soft head. Like pl414.

Here's another comment that pl414 left on a Pat Condell video:
"Dear Pat,
I can't take any more. I love you till enternity and all. I pledge my everything to you and all but, I do have to tell you that I have relatives in England.  May GOD be with you. Tee Hee Love Pauline

Pauline, stay in Canada, we're emotional abusive down here. This emotional abuse bullshit is part of the war on men by the Matriarchy. This is the shit that women pull in divorce court, to try and get more alimony, more child support, and more power over their former spouses. By saying "He was emotionally abusing me," and using court whores, also know as 'expert witnesses,' moron counselors and psychologists, they will conduct their own type of psychological warfare on us by using feminist judges and legislatures.

I myself has a former spouse, who went on a military base, talked to a free counselor for fifteen minutes, and got herself her very own 'I was emotionally abused' certificate for our divorce, without any testimony or proof whatsoever necessary. And if you are a U.S. taxpayer then congratulations, you paid for it. Luckily her little certificate was worth exactly what she paid for it, because since we didn't have kids and were married for only a year before I put the bitch on the launch pad, the judge didn't give her shit.

Here's a response to the video by Shannon Engli:

"i think its his fault and he was mistreating one just asks like that for no reason ....any husband out there trying being selfish...after awhille you will find your self right where this guy is..i think he set her up what a jurk"

This lady Shannon Engli is some piece of work, isn't she. What's Shannon been up to lately on youtube? Let's see.  "Missy Cat Loves Sylvester the talking cat" video. Better get used to having a lot of cats around, Shannon. And "Lady Diana Ghost at prince william wedding." You know there's no such things as ghosts, right Shannon? Its kind of like looking for a feminist in a differential equations class, you might think you saw one, but they were really a trick caused by someone who was lost on her way to her woman studies class on the first day of the semester.

I agree with her ugh what a shame a small portion of women find the good man they deserve

Here we have the entitlement culture that Pyramid Falls is
promoting. This woman, Whitney Mongiat, had an interlock
device on her car, and pulls crap like this, who the hell is
the 'good man' that she deserves? Satan? Pray you never
become the good man that she deserves. Pray!

jangofettish1 says:

"His primary maintenance is the welfare of his wife and she 

obviously has issues that are perhaps hormonal and 

psychological combined,add to that a nicotine habit and 

you have the ingredients for a meltdown of this magnitude."

So jangofettish1 is putting it back on him, like he's some
sort of baby sitter for this temper tantrum laden child in an
adults body, because of her nicotine habit and hormones,
she's a woman so just deal with it.
This is complete an utter bullshit. She is a grown-ass adult,
and if she can't control herself, she belongs on the
launching pad. Do we have to deal with it when she's
intoxicated and driving because she's got a drinking
problem? Is that my problem? NO! That's why she has an
interlock device, she can't control herself, mommy's little
princess is all grown up now, but she still expects other
people to clean up her messes, and so does jangofettish1.
What's jangofettish1 been watching on youtube? Lets
see...BIGBUTYASS FLOREE. Erik Karros's channel,
which has a picture of a huge woman's ass, and "She
walks nakad ass jeans in da street." You know
jangofettish1, unless you make your history private, we can
all see it. And by the way, your psychological prattle
doesn't seem too impressive when I see a list of big booty
videos on your channel. Dumbass.

Cindy Bonilla says:

granted she overreacted, but he is a douche for putting this up...

So listen to this idiot Cindy Bonilla who's picture on Youtube looks like she got it done ten years ago and is trying to convince people that she's young and pretty. Cause back when she was young and pretty, stupid was only one out of three. But know that you're not so young and not so pretty, you're zero for three. 

She "overreacted." That's what you call it, Cindy? Which
means you probably pull the same crap, or some other
similar nightmare. Then she tries to put it on the man,
he's a douche for putting this up. And what is she?
Probably another nasty bitch who practices the same
type of hyper-tantrum feminism.

And it goes on, and on, and on, with the women
commentators, and some of the manginas trying to
justify this reprehensible behavior. Not only does this
crazy beast indicate the major feminine problems we
have in the new Matriarchy, but the women and men
justifying her behavior and trying to indite her husband
show the problems are now deep-set.  

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