Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm kind of a big believer in training. Try to learn something every day. Hal the IT director for the DA's office said he was too. He must have been, he went to all kinds of bogus training all around the country. And he bragged of certifications that different people in the division had every chance he got.

So I decided to get certified in the .net platform. It was a real bitch. I studied for 6 months, failed the test. Got my act together and passed the second time. I asked Hal to pay for it, but he refused. Must have been out of training money.

Anyway, when I showed Hal the certification, he was offended and said,"What to you expect to get with that??!!!" In front of the junior programmers. The conversation was the subject of much merriment for months afterward.

I'm not necessarily a huge believer in being certified. Many people take that as a license to sit on their fat asses and collect a paycheck. But if you're cognizant of that maybe you can avoid being one of those.

And what did I expect to get from that? Another job.

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