Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bad news for Obama

Results of a poll I took on a heavily biased Democratic news site. Maybe he should just not run, else the election might be a turkey shoot.

Which family, the Obama or Romneys would you most like to spend Thanksgiving dinner with?

17.95% President Obama's family
82.05% Mitt Romney's family


Dick Moves

A while back my wife and I went on a shopping trip to buy a few items. First we went to Petco to buy some dog food. After I swiped my card through the reader I got this:

Donate $1 to homeless pets

Yes checkbox

No, I'm an asshole checkbox.

This is a dick move. I'm giving you money during a recession, and you are implicitly making me feel like an asshole. So, take heed. If I go to your business and you make me feel like an asshole, I will actively avoid you. It doesn't mean I'm not an asshole, I assure you I am. But you are a dick. And assholes and dicks should avoid each other.

Then we go to Fry's foods and an old lady assaults me for money outside the store to help Vets. I am a vet. When I told her that she gave me a nasty and disapproving look.

Dick move, Fry's foods. You are a dick, you stationed a nasty old lady outside your store who assaulted a vet for not giving money to other vets.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Daily Show starts taking direction from Newt Gin

Newt Gingrich asks Maria Bartiromo why is the media reporting inaccurately about the economy and why aren't they asking who pays for the park you are occupying:

Oddly enough, the Daily Show implicitly fields this request:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why do we need liberty?

It was 1995 and I was a 2nd Lieutenant of Marines involved in an Amphibious Logistics exercise in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We were held captive to the base we were on and we were not able to execute the exercise because of the sea state. The Colonel in charge of the exercise was the commanding officer of the Sixth Marine Regiment whose name escapes me, a tall humorless robot of a man. After being stuck out there for a week without anything to do, the wing officer with us at the time asked the Colonel if we could have some liberty out in town. The Colonel coldly responded, "Why do we need liberty? If someone can give me a good reason why you need liberty than you can have it?"

Well Colonel, you were in the Marines for over twenty years, defending the Constitution of the United States and you were asking why we need liberty? Why do you think you should be allowed to enjoy the fruits of liberty when you are willing to give up your men's liberty because one of them got drunk on liberty and embarrassed you and you might not pick up general? Which I'm sure you didn't anyway. Thank God Thomas Jefferson didn't ask that question. Thank God Ben Franklin didn't ask that question. And thank God, George Washington who suffered through years of hell as a commander believed that we need liberty, and NEVER asked that question. Colonel, you have no right to the privilege of being an officer of Marines for not knowing why we need liberty.

So,as you sit there in your taxpayer funded home, where ever you are Colonel let me clue you in: people risk their lives by the thousands every year to swim, stagger, and crawl bleeding to the United States so they can have liberty. Ask them why they need liberty.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Arizona Repugnant Shows it's ass to the voters again

Even before I read the article I knew what the Republic was going to say when I saw the byline in the RSS feed:

Russell Pearce recall may indicate new political climate

I knew they would try and say that the reversal of fortunes for the left, evidenced by the Congressional vote last year, and the huge move to the right of state legislative houses would be over and Obama and the left would enjoy another four years to wreck this country. Sure as shit, the first words of the article are:

"Last week, voters nationwide said no to the right-wing efforts of some state political leaders."

I don't know why I should care. Obama and Nancy Pelosi are the best Republican recruiters we've ever had. And I'm pretty sure the country will survive the upcoming financial collapse that is almost inevitable at this point. The Democrats probably won't survive since they don't believe in guns, but maybe they will find belief when the guvmint checks stop coming and the wolf starts knocking on the door. When the fifty-three percenters who pay taxes stop paying for the forty-seven percenters. When will that day come?

I am the 53%

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thugs beating on old man in Chicago:video

Thugs on tape

Occupying Hippies and the Suck

Ace of Spades has a great post about the Occupy Wall Street moment:

"...in any system or society, they would be on the bottom. In the socialist paradise they dream of, they'd be the drudges with the four-to-an-apartment situations.

They seem to think that if they change the way society values things, then they'll rise to the top. But they wouldn't. Because in any system, including socialism, you still have to do something to earn that top spot on the socialist gravy train.

The problems that beset them in a less-socialist system -- lack of discipline, lack of skills, lack of hygiene, lack of not sucking, etc. -- would still hamper them in the socialist paradise they clamor for."

See the entire post here:

Video of the Draaaamaaa