Monday, October 28, 2013

Freedom from Fear

I was watching Fox News on Saturday and their was a panel member, some editor of USA Today, part of Obama's media shield go on and say that her own health care costs have increased dramatically under Obamacare. Then she went on to say she still supported Obamacare.

So we have a lot of the left who  are exposed to the higher costs and lower quality of Obamacare who are starting to change their mind about the law once it hits their pocketbook. Then we have this other collection of idiots (the people who changed their minds are a different class of idiots because they believed him in the first place) who still, even now, believe the US government can fix this mess. Don't be afraid, Uncle Sugar will fix it and take care of you.

They can't fix it, like Reagan said, they're the problem. What's the attraction? Why would you give up your freedom?

Freedom can be scary. Nobody is going to take care of you but you. There isn't a safety net if you have no family. But you have to survive. You have to succeed. Or you starve.

Then there is Socialism. Roosevelt talked about Freedom of Fear meaning the fear of being attacked by your neighbor. But did he also mean freedom from fear of failing? Failing in your job, failing to provide from your family?

This is Socialism. Freedom from Fear.

Fear sucks, don't get me wrong. But nature gave it to us for a reason. Without the fear of failure, we become Cuba, we become the Soviet Union. Big daddy will take care of you. Obamacare will take care of you. Socialism is the woman's dream of a husband taking care of them, the reason why so many weak men and rejects are attracted to the idea of Socialism. Stalin and his insecurities. Castro the illegitimate son of a farmer. The artists who are too disorganized to run their own lives.

The editor from USA today.

We need the fear of failure, without it, if we embrace Socialism, we can get enough to eat, your own little hut on the rice paddy.  But no progress. No space travel, no new technology. No pharmaceutical or medical breakthroughs. No real life. Embrace the fear. Take the chances, don't depend on what the government can do for you.

That way lies failure. That should be the real fear.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Off Topic..happy Darth Vader Haloween!!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer owns the disaster that is Obamacare, and should pay the price

It's no secret out here in Arizona that the formerly Republican Governor Jan Brewer turned stark raving mad a while back and supported Obamacare here in the Grand Canyon State, turning our insurance premiums into a bottomless pit.

Now that the world is waking up to the disaster that is Obamacare, let us take a moment to remind everyone  that the local perpetrator of this trainwreck is Jan Brewer. And let's make sure that she never gets an opportunity to do this again by either recalling her, ignoring her, or pulling the plug on any liberal legislation that she tries to ram through until she is gone. And here are her Republican cohorts in Arizona in this disaster:

Rep. Kate Brophy-McGee
Rep. Heather Carter
Rep. Doug Coleman
Rep. Jeff Dial
Rep. Doris Goodale
Rep. Ethan Orr
Rep. Frank Pratt
Rep. Bob Robson
Rep.  T.J. Shope
Sen. Rich Crandall
Sen. Adam Driggs
Sen. John McComish
Sen. Steve Pierce
Sen. Bob Worsley

Hat tip, Americans for Prosperity

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obamascare, the bottom line comes in for the Democrats.

And it doesn't look good:

Now THEY want to delay it.

And Fox News is reporting even the Hollywood fawns are running away from Obamacare, faster than a Statist running to a tax raising committee:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The ten rules in the Establishment Republican Handbook

Rules to NOT live by. And as an Arizonan I apologize to the nation for John McCain (the Senator, not the sailor). I voted for Hayworth:

Speaking of which, here's the recall John McCain website:

And his BS remarks on the phony shutdown that 'hurt a lot of people:'

Obama has turned into a Simpsons character

Hat tip, Newsbusters. Here's Jon Stewart telling it like it is. For once:

Notice the reference to putting the pregnant woman with diabetes in the sun. These are the idiots that are going to run our health care. Or not run it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The left's love affair with Canadian Health Care

Adam Goldenburg, a Slate Socialist thinks death panels will be a good thing:

Of course, only you and I will have to put up with them. Adam and the other party members will get special treatment of course.

Hence the two-tier system that evolves in these Socialist Countries. One for the privileged and one for everyone else:

Pundits keep saying the wait time for surgery and treatment is less than for Americans. Unless you read the Canucks own report:

And where will the Canadians go then, when our system is as bad or worse than theirs?

And when it fails (in our case on launch the rocket blew up on the pad) they'll say like the Socialists always do, "We just didn't do it right."

CBS presents another BS poll blaming Tea Party for phony shutdown, polling is done by firm that can't spel (sic)

I also noticed they didn't ask if Obama is to blame for shutdown, nor did they present the political party of the sampled population:

At the bottom of the report:

"This poll was conducted by telephone October 18-21, 2013 among 1,007dults nationwide."

What is 1007dults? Some kind of Socialist group math?

Monday, October 21, 2013

The dangers of creating a permanent and large underclass, bread and circuses, Obamacare and Foodstamps

An AP news article today talks about 15 percent of US youth out of work and school. The U.S. Department of labor says the unemployment rate is seven percent, most of us who don't have tinfoil hats know the real rate is over twice that. The Democrats require a permanent under informed, underclass to promote class warfare and redistribution of wealth, along with the destruction of private property to further their Marxist  soft tyranny (Hat tip: the great Mark Levin and Alexis de Tocqueville) .

Of course danger in this situation, fueled with bread and circuses as the Romans patricians did in their time is what happens when the bread runs out and the created underclass can't eat the circus. What do they do then? Here in the United States they riot:

So, they question becomes, what happens then? What happens when the permanent underclass can no longer be fed lies, bread, and circuses? Panem et circenses? Revolutio?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

CNN laugh-fest: "For most people, Obamacare won't make a direct impact."

Oh, no. Of course not. For most people Obamacare won't make a direct impact. Let's do some 'fact checking on CNN's claim:

"Double Down: Obamacare Will Increase Avg. Individual-Market Insurance Premiums By 99% For Men, 62% For Women"

The Forbes story is here:

So, I guess CNN's definition of direct impact and my definition differ by a bit. I think the voters might notice that kind of impact...just a guess on my part. We'll find out in November of 2014.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

If Breaking bad had been set in the UK

Christopher Keeley (whoever the hell that is) has a cute little cartoon stating that if Breaking Bad had happened in the UK, then the main character's cancer care would be paid for and he never would have had to sell drugs:

Sorry, Chris. Or should I call you Christine, ward of the nanny state. Take a look at these stats:

Cancer death rate per 100,000 for the US is 123.8
For the UK? 137. Ten percent worse. But don't worry Christine. Obama has just turned our tech savvy healthcare system into a banana republic disaster, we'll have you beat soon. Where will you go then?

CBS News: ObamaCare disaster would be front page news if the Republicans hadn't shutdown the government

I just have two issues with the reporter's hypothesis that the ObamaCare disaster would be front page news if the Republicans hadn't shutdown the government.

1) The Republicans didn't shutdown the government and it was a phony shutdown anyway.

2) No Obama disaster is front page news. Most of the MSM tries to bury those stories as long as they can, or muffle them. Bengazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA ring a bell? The entire presidency is a disaster.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Are ugly, redheaded, Socialist, scorned columnists from the New York Times necessary?

For some reason I came across a reference to Maureen Dowd's treatise on man hate, Are Men Necessary? I'm not sure why I was subjected to that pain, one of the authors I like is going through some type of self-flagellation because he hasn't come out with a decent book in fourteen years and has decided to go liberal, Oprah, and oh, yes, Maureen Dowd.

So Maureen, the plain, snarky girl that is cool among the masses of women dissatisfied with their own attempts to have a meaningful relationship has a man problem. No man. My wife and I have some of these in our group of friends, snarky, single, liberal losers that couldn't hang on to a decent man to save their life, and boy did they get their chance. Maureen, girl that I wouldn't give a second glance to, I will answer your question.

I doubt you would know what a man is, since you are surrounded by women, and women in men's bodies like Aaron Sorkin. A man is not necessary for you. You will go to your dinner parties, surrounded by other women and women in men's bodies and live the life of the solitary snarky schoolmarm, a crazy old aunt with her cats. And your neices and nephews will shake their head about poor old Aunt Maureen who found fame and fortune in a failing newspaper, and like Helen Thomas, eventually the crazy old Aunt Maureen will say something so stupid all her blow away liberal friends will blow away. And your nieces and nephews will remember you but their kids will not, your moldy old books will rot on the bookshelves of a used bookstore and your snarky barbs will be forgotten.

So, no Maureen, no men for you, no children, and your genes will be removed from the pool. So if your genes are removed from the gene pool, isn't nature telling you, it's you who isn't necessary?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wall Street Journal-NBC Poll showing most Americans blame GOP for phony government shutdown

Here's a page from the old media poll that everyone is using to say Americans blame the GOP for the (phony) shutdown:

44% of the polled voted for Obama. Of course they blame the Republicans. The actual percentage (counting stuffed ballet boxes) was 51.1 Obama 47.2 Romney. A difference of less than 4%. And yet here we have a difference of more than double that. Maybe they should have polled somewhere outside Detroit.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Arizona Republic Fact Check=Crap Check

A few days ago, the Arizona Repugnant posted a "Fact Check" checking State representative Brenda Barton's statement that National Park Service employees were being paid overtime during the federal government shutdown, which they rated as 'mostly false.'

OK, let's say that it is 'mostly false.' Where is the Arizona Republic's articles on how the Park Service is being used by the administration to make the shutdown as painful as possible by the administration?

Where are the stories about people being forced out of their homes and businesses? Where are the stories about kids not getting cancer treatments? Where are the stories about NPR getting its funding but our soldiers who were slain in battle not getting their death benefits?

I'll tell you where they are, nowhere in the Arizona Republic.

And why? Why are they not printing the administration's despotic and dispicable actions during the phony shutdown. Because it is a phony shutdown, and they don't want people to understand what a worthless organization the federal government has become. And now the phony conservatives in Congress are caving in to the Despot.

Because the press is not only letting the Despot do these things, they are encouraging him.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Obama hires French contractors to build webapp, website promptly surrenders to onslaught of users

Here's a CBS report on the disaster, actually calling it what it is for once:

Here's the French Canadian government contractor who made the website:

Signs of a despotic administration

Punishing political enemies by using an enforcement arm:

Rewarding your allies with your enemies assets. The Roman dictator Sulla did this in a more extreme form by killing his enemies and giving their property to his friends.

Obama wants to do this by taxing his enemies to death, and giving that money to his friends:

I'm not digging his fundamental change.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Arizona Registrar of Contractors, thirty five years of change yet still incompetant

Ladies and Gentlemen of the great state of Arizona, for those of you that think that you are protected against crooked contractors by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors think again. I can personally vouch for their incompetence as I went through the laborious process of filling out their freakishly long web forms, waiting for a response and still getting my claim rejected.

But, don't let that stop you. Let this stop you:


Or maybe this:

So, if you are wondering why you can't find a decent contractor in this state, look no further than the government agency that is supposed to regulate them. At least they are traditionally minded. They haven't changed at all since 1979:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Arizona Repugnant: "Obama Urges Boehner To Hold Vote To Reopen Government" not "Obama refuses to negotiate"

Or "Both sides at a stalemate," or anything remotely objective.

They must have changed the title after they looked in a mirror and saw that their bias was showing. Here's a reference to the original article in the Phoenix City and Press:

And here's the article with the changed title, which now reads  "Obama says talks OK - after default threat averted"

Friday, October 4, 2013

The SAD...I mean the AD Council

AM radio listeners to talk radio are bombarded nowadays by useless sound bytes from the AD council. Do they ever make people stop smoking, stop drunk driving, appreciate FEMA, or do any of the other 'Public Services' that they supposedly provide with Public Service messages? And who the hell is the AD Council?

According to Wikipedia the Ad Council is a non-profit that handles public service announcements, and some people complain that it is little more than a "domestic propaganda arm of the federal government." Most of the Ad council's ads are purchased by the feds, to the tune of hundreds of millions a year. The ads are played for random audiences, have little effect, and the CEO makes almost $900k a year.

From you, the taxpayer.

That's one CEO making a tidy little profit, for a non-profit.

This is completely indefensible for messages that no one listens to. Typical Socialist BS. I challenge any one to give me an example of where these million dollar campaigns made the slightest blip in the road on fighting their propaganda road. Another self licking ice cream cone, brought to you by Uncle Sugar.

Arizona Repugnant Reveal Socialist Reader Percentage

The Republic is at it again, chastising Gilbert Arizona for rejecting US funding for programs aimed at low-income residents. Why would they reject this money? Probably because it encourages a dependent demographic to come there and stay. When I lived there six years ago, the north part of Gilbert, the part that borders Mesa was rapidly going ghetto. There was a really nice shopping center up the street with a theater and several high end chain restaurants that I hung out at, but it was quickly going down hill, like the Fiesta Mall before it. Fiesta Mall was a beautiful mall when they opened it twenty years ago in southern Mesa, but it quickly went ghetto after the 90s.

When the Federal Block Grant people moved in.

On the side bar of the Repugnant Article, they asked,"Should Gilbert turn down federal funding for programs aimed at low-income residents, to avoid adding to the U.S. deficit?"

Only 33% said that would make the problem worse.

51% said turning down aid for the part is cruel.

16% said it depends on the kind of aid.

I don't count myself as a reader by the way, but it does fill my heart with joy to point out their slant. At the end of the article they have the obligatory socialist comment about how Gilbert supports business but can't help the poor. The Socialist idiot quoted said this,

“If they’re not going to accept the community grant funds, that’s really ridiculous. These guys have a set mind because a lot of them are “tea party”-type people that don’t want any government at all, practically,” said Chester Cesolini, 70, a frequent user of the center who helps plan social activities there.

“We’ve grown in 250 years of being the United States of America, and I’m sure if the Founding Fathers were here today and looked over things, they’ll probably say the same things,” he said. “Things are different now. You don’t have open land where somebody can say, ‘I’m broke, I’m poor, I can move to this area here and start a farm with no cost at all.’ Those things can’t happen anymore.
“When the town can spend sales-tax dollars for some company to build their store on Power Road and give them huge tax breaks, but they can’t spend a few bucks on the people who’ve lived here most of their lives and are now retired, on fixed incomes, there’s something wrong with that,” Cesolini added.

If the founding fathers, who started this country because of a tax that was less than 5% knew half of its residents were being taxed at rates up to 40% in some states and the other half wasn't taxed at all I think they would be pretty pissed. I know I am.

Here's a clip from the new series Sleepy Hollow on Fox, talking about how the founding fathers would see these new taxes, and a Democrat standing telling Ichibod Crane that if he complains about taxes again, he would be "Sent back to the Asylum." Eerily like what's going on now, doncha think?

The Imperial Staff has been sent long before Obama caves on shutdown?

The New York Slimes is reporting that the imperial President known as Obama has lost a lot of his White House staff:

That's it boys and girls, as soon as Obama calls down to the kitchen for an outlawed cheeseburger and gets an empty phone line, the phone on Boehner's desk is going to start ringing off the hook. If there's one thing we've learned about this President is he's all about the perks of office. He's not too fond of the working part, but he lovin' da perks baby! Gimme mah Air Force one trip to Hawaii Uncle Sugah!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sins of Omission, the Mainstream Media and Government Shutdown 'Facts'

The Washington Compost blogger site Wonkette, (you remember them, they're the ones that ridiculed Sarah Palin's special needs son) gave us some 'facts' about the government shutdown:

Although titled 'Absolutely everything you need to know about how the government shutdown will work' they missed a few things:

1) Obama put extra effort in shutting down the National Parks, to make the shutdown seem worse than it is and to petulantly punish his 'ponents. The parks weren't closed in previous shutdowns.

2) We wouldn't even have a shutdown, if Harry Reid could pass a budget. Harry Reid's completely dysfunctional senate has not passed a budget in four years, even when they had control of the House also. So they have to pass these continuing resolutions and debt limit raises to fund their out-of-control spending. Wonkette does mention the continuing resolution, but conveniently forgets the reason for why we need it.

CNN doesn't even mention it's a continuing resolution:

Of course, non of the other Socialist News Agencies do either. It's a little fact that they'd would like us not to  remember.

(Hat tip to the incomparable Mark Levin for the term Washington Compost)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Arizona Repugnant ignores Democrat vandals trashing Schweikert's Office vandalized, yet still finds time to trash him

According to Sonoran Alliance, Arizona Rep David Schweikert's office was vandalized yesterday by MoveOn and other Democrat goons:

Of course the Democrat talking points bulletin we have for a newspaper here doesn't report it, but manages to trash Schweikert in a camouflaged hit piece on Republicans:

What would have shocked me is if the Repugnant had done their job and told the story of my wife's premiums jumping over 70% after Obamacare was passed, and all the other working people in Arizona.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown...oddly enough, Democrat controlled media blames Republicans

And even more oddly, the sun came up this morning, my coffeemaker worked, and we have internet service. So, maybe it wasn't as bad as they all said it would be.

Can you say, sequestration? Of course, you wouldn't know sequestration had little to no impact according to the academically controlled Wikipedia page. Apparently a lot of them lost their research funding on why cows prefer shade and women studies on why men won't commit anymore.

Here's Brit Hume explaining how the media is handling the blame game: