Monday, August 29, 2011

Obama's Drunk Illegal Alien Uncle Gets Arrested...MSM keeps silent

No surprise there. Kind of like Obama who is drunk on arrogance and misplaced idealism runs a stop sign when the American Electorate turns over Congress, Obama's drunk illegal alien Uncle runs through a stop sign and almost hits a police car. Of course the press is mum on this and trying to keep it quiet. Well, welcome to the internet, free speech and 2011 New York Times.

Obama Uncle Arrested Drunk

Mug shot:

Sunday, August 28, 2011 = Socialist

Patrick at put out a column a little bit ago claiming that:

Republicans Prevent Small Business Formation

Really? Because the present administration and his congressional friends are so friendly to small business? Obviously! They're totally kicking ass in starting small businesses. If your small business is repossessing cars and houses or selling furniture from failed Borders stores maybe. I'm gonna have to cry BS on this one Patrick. In Europizing the US, the Obamacrats have made it as hard to make it as a small business in the US as making it in Europe. But don't believe me, check out the biggest increases in small business failure rates by state here:

Small Business Failures

All five states with the biggest increases in small business failures are states with high Democratic/Liberal populations. As I stated before, most liberals are terrible businessmen and too damned dumb to run a hot dog stand. There are the stats to prove it.

I went and saw Cathy Lewis the Comedian a few weeks ago...

...and she went all political. Bad mouthed Bush and Cheney and went on and on about how great Obama was. She was a black comedian in front of a bunch of white people. If a white comedian had gotten in front of a bunch of black people and bad mouthed Obama and went on to say how great Bush and Cheney were he would had the crap beat out of him.

She had some good moments though. The best one was where she left the stage.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Goshen College insults the men who secured their freedom of religion

A little known (OK unknown) Mennonite college in Indiana has decided that they will no longer allow the Star Spangled Banner to be played at their college. I'm not a fan of any people who come to this country for religious freedom and then spit all over those who provide that freedom to them. The Mennonites were kicked out of just about every country they went to. Except this one. And how to they pay that tolerance back? Well, they insult it by outlawing the Star Spangled banner. You, know, that little ditty that they play at military ceremonies and other events. That song symbolizes the blood of our fallen who decided that they were going to die defending the Constitution and thus the rights of all of us. At least, that's what the Star Spangled Banner means to me and a lot of other American Servicemen. So Mennonites I would like to exercise my freedom of speech, which unlike you I paid for by serving in the military by telling you something:


That's right. Get out of this country. Go somewhere else. You don't belong here. How's that for freedom of speech? How does it feel?


Goshen College sparks a fight over national anthem


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fireman Gets Fired for Burning Case of Stupidity

Desi Deandre Wade a DoD Civilian and Chief of Fire and Emergency Services in Afghanistan was arrested yesterday for soliciting a $95k bribe from a contractor. Way to go Desi. He was arrested while attending a boondoggle conference in Atlanta, which should also be added to the charges as fleecing the taxpayers...but he'll probably get away with that one.

Here's Desi now, as he proudly asserts his innocence:

And the story:

Firehouse Blues

All those classes on Federal Contracting Ethics gone to waste. Hell, I bet the guy taught that stuff.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Freeman to Obama: Get pissed off

Yeah Obama, get pissed off and all unpresidential. Take Morgan Freeman's advice. He played God in a movie, he must know what he's talking about. There's no one that the American electorate admires more than a screaming, gibbering idiot. Just look at how it paid off for Howard Dean.

Freeman to POTUS: 'Get pissed off'

Who is Edwin Edwards?

A former Democratic Governor of Louisiana. Why have I never heard of him in the Main Stream Media? Why he's a Democrat and an embarrassment. Although a corrupt politician on Wikipedia is: "...colorful, powerful and legendary..." if they're a Democrat. And if they're a Democrat on Wikipedia they are ".. dogged by charges of corruption," Instead of being plain, old corrupt.

Edwin Edwards

Luckily, I was able to find out about him here:

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Liberal Elite and Love for America

Laura Ingraham writes in her book, the Obama Diaries that "I have often tried to figured out why liberals--especially Ivy League-educated liberal--have such a loving America unconditionally."

I'll tell you why.

America is like a child to me in some respects. If you have never sacrificed something for a child, nurtured that child, tried to make it a better human being...can you really love that child? Does a mother who only loves her child when the kid does something that makes her look good, or gives her a present, really love that child? Of course not.

And that's why an Ivy League educated liberal can never love America unconditionally. How many of them have really sacrificed anything significant, put their lives on the line for this country? How many of them would speak their mind if they might forfeit their lives for doing so? Look at their silence on items where the threat is almost non-existent such as the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy. Where were they? Scared into silence for the most part.

That's why they don't love this country. Oh, they'll all say they love it. Just like the sociopath mother will say she loves her child. But they really don't know what that word means.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Riding the bus in Philly

Looks kinda dangerous:

Who would want to be a cop in Britain?

Feds found no crimes in Arpaio’s handling of inmate cash

The Arizona Repugnant (AKA Republic) made no mention of the fact that there were no violations in the Sheriff of Maricopa County's Office handling of travel funds, although they are pretty gung-ho when when reporting any alleged wrongs. Which is why the biased Repugnant is Arizona's number one soon-to-be-bankrupt news source. Really, if I wanted to read the DNC's talking points I can log in to their website. Why pay for the Repugnant? And the New Times is free too! With the same type of biased "journalism."

Feds found no crimes in Arpaio’s handling of inmate cash

Review: MCSO conduct regarding funds, trips legal

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Retarded Security Clearance

I work on no classified systems, data, or anything else. Yet, my job requires me to have a security clearance. Which is another huge waste of taxpayer cabbage to the tune of several thousand dollars. And then they still give out security clearances to people like Bradley Manning who throws a temper tantrum because he's gay and picked on in the military so he downloads the entire SIPRNet and gives it to a bunch of American-hating douches.

So what is the answer? Well, use it or lose it. The program managers and civilian leadership need to pony up about security clearances. If their charges did not use their security clearance in the entire space it was active before the renewal date comes up, then don't renew it. Take the job off the list for clearance required. Then give more time to investigate the Bradley Mannings of the country.

Security Clearance Info

Insecure Security Clearances - The Saga Continues

Rick Perry is a threat to the Democrats, and the MSM goes into Hit Piece Mode

Rick Perry's first flip flop of the campaign

Rick Perry — king of corporate welfare

Will Bush's Legacy Hurt Perry?

Perry a secessionist

Why Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured people in the US

Rick Perry and the Texas Miracle That Wasn't

Texas Job Growth Trend Stretches Back For Decades

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deflect, Deny, Debase

The liberals and the liberal media seem to have fallen into a pattern now that Obama's presidency is seen as a complete failure:

Deflect: It's the Tea Party, we inherited the bad economy, deficit...

Poll: Most Democrats See Tea Party as 'Economic Terrorists'

Obama casts Congress as the problem, tells Americans to 'let them know'

Obama to Frustrated Voters: Tell Congress to Start Delivering

Bad luck? Bad faith?

American Idiots: How Washington is destroying the economy

Deny: It's getting better we just need more time. We've accomplished a lot.

Obama to Press Committee on Jobs

Debase: The Republican candidates for 2012 are terrible. Hate-mongers, Nazis, racists, don't have a chance.

Rival candidates, some Iowa Republicans express resentment at Rick Perry's timing

Religion, Budget Issues Dog Rick Perry

The Left’s Very Anti-PC Strategy: Hate, Fear, Stereotype, and Treat Diversity as Evil

GOP on Defensive

Ohhh, it's his team. He just needs better advisers:
Obama left short-handed on economy

Friday, August 12, 2011

Contractors performing government functions

Over and over again you see it. DoD investigations of contractors performing government functions. Why is this, journalists are constantly asking?

Google Results

I'll tell you why. We as government contractors are faced with the army of DoD civilian employees who you have to kick, cajole, beg, plead, hunt down, and hundreds of other things to get them to do one simple task: their job. And often it doesn't get done at all. And YOU as the contractor are constantly getting yelled at because some fat, lazy, highly paid individual whose only other qualification is standing in a welfare line doesn't want to do their job. So, what do you end up doing? Your job AND their job. And who gets in trouble if you get caught? You, the contractor. Who gets in trouble if you don't do their job for them? You, the contractor. Tough racket sometimes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sex Education in NYC Schools Becomes Mandatory

Sex Education in NYC Schools Becomes Mandatory

Not only is it mandatory, but teachers are giving lessons too:

Teacher Charged With Rape After Videotaping Herself Having Sex With Student

Dowd's Douchebaggery

MAUREEN DOWD writes her column in the Times, shrilly complaining that "...the president never identifies the villains who cause our epic problems." When has he NOT passed blame, Maureen? Hopefully he will listen to Dowd and continue the Washington finger pointing, guaranteeing a Republican landslide in 2012. Like that that's not going to happen already.

Withholder in Chief

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gun Control in England and the London Riots

Betcha this guy wishes he had a gun and knew how to use it.

How do you solve a problem like conservative white men?

David Roberts asks in his not-so-scientific rant: How do you solve a problem like conservative white men?

Move to Africa David. Move to Africa. And stay there. No more conservative white men.

Liberals are Terrorists

So tea party members are terrorists/responsible for the credit downgrade? At least they are according to the loony left. John Kerry coming to mind first. Lets look at the definition of terrorist:

"a person who terrorizes or frightens others"


For me, it's someone who is willing to destroy and kill for a political objective. Last time I looked, the tea party was trying to save this country. The liberals are trying to destroy it with uncontrolled spending. Their political objectives:

1) Separate you from your money (aka "paying your fair share, for the children" etc)
2) Redistribute your money via the govment (sic)

Unfortunately in this quest, they were unable to steal enough money. There was an idiot woman who lived next to me a few years ago who thought she could work part time and pay for a 380k lake house. When the idiot figured out she couldn't pay for her 380k lake house she ripped out her plumbing and moved out in the middle of the night. Leaving her neighbors to deal with the mess. She was a liberal too, by the way. So, now the liberals have figured out they can't work part time and pay for their 15 trillion dollar house, they are starting their exit strategy by ripping out the plumbing of the United States. Soon they will be moving out in the middle of the night, leaving us to deal with the mess. That's pretty terrible.

The Stunning Demonization of Fiscal Responsibility

Monday, August 8, 2011

Obama: "If I don't have this done in three years, this will be a one term proposition."

Promises, promises.

President Downgrade

President Obama got a new nickname today: President Downgrade as the US's credit rating was downgraded. We got the change part of Hope and Change. I'd say hope has left the building though. Why was this a surprise to anyone? Look at this budget graph and ask, where is the surprise?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hilarious Video Mocking Govt Employees


Freelance article about Bin Laden kill makes Obama look good

Here's the article:


Better read it fast, because he made the whole thing up and they will probably retract:

Schmidle Muddle

Here's NPR printing retractions of the author's authenticity:


I should have known better as Schmidle presented Barack Hussein Obama as a decisive leader.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why the UN lost the war on war

The Puffington Host reports that the war on drugs is lost:

Why We Lost The War On Drugs

Their source is the UN's Global Commission. So the UN is throwing the word failure around pretty liberally.


Long List of U.N. Failures

Dutch Government resigns as a result of U.N. "peace-keeping".

Savery in Sudan: FAIL.

Sierra Leone: FAIL.

1994 Rwanda Massacre: FAIL.

Zimbabwe white farmer disaster: FAIL.

North Korea WMD enforcement: FAIL.

Iran WMD enforecement: FAIL.

East Timor: FAIL.

Afghanistan Buddist art save: FAIL.

Angola civil war refugees: FAIL.

Kashmir dispute: FAIL.

Somalia crisis: FAIL.

Bosnia crisis: FAIL.

Israel-Palestinians: FAIL.

On the other hand, I guess they should know what failure is.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GAO Identifies 100 Billion in Savings

The GAO report identifying 100 billion in savings by reducing redundant programs was released a few months ago. Let's look at their findings:

1. The fragmented food safety system

Probably a good fix, but the system covering 300 million people needs to be decentralized. Are they going to do better than locals? Probably not. Cut it.

2. Realigning the military’s medical command

The military medical system is completely dysfunctional. But these political reorgs have only made things worse. Pull your head out of your ass GAO, stop screaming "REORG" every time you see a screwed up command. Military medical is screwed up because there is no accountability, and no quality control.

3. Streamlining 31 agencies that provide for urgent soldier needs

Yes. Get rid of the 30 that don't provide anything but expensive Federal Civilian welfare and reinforce the one that does.

4. Lack of coordination by counter-improvised explosive devices

Good luck getting Congress to get rid of their military rice bowls in their district

5. Streamlining military intelligence gathering

Good luck getting Congress to get rid of their military rice bowls in their district

6. Avoiding duplicate purchasing of tactical wheeled vehicles
Good luck getting Congress to get rid of their military rice bowls in their district

7. Improve oversight of Defense’ prepositioning and stockpiling programs

Or just get oversight on any government programs, since there is none to be found

8. Defense business systems can be modernized

Modernized like the NMCI debacle? Or Army Knowledge online? Or how about the Marine Corps'
GCSS-MC? Look GAO, I know this is gonna be news to everyone...but every time the DoD
"modernizes" a business system both the taxpayer and the service member gets a wire brush enema.
Maybe we should stop "modernizing" for a while.

9. The fragmented economic development programs

The government giving advice on economic development. Get rid of them all.

10. Federal transportation programs that lack accountability

All federal programs lack accountability. Including, apparently the GAO.

11. Duplicative federal effort to provide water to the Mexico border region

We already provide them with 11 million tax free incomes a year.

12. Conflicting federal vehicle energy goals

Yes. Consolidate them to one unobtainable goal.

13. Duplicative ethanol programs

Good if your a corn farmer. End all ethanol subsidies. It ain't workin.

14. Government IT systems have divergent goals

Government IT again. Maybe they should just have one goal. Try to make it work without
driving your users insane.

15. Duplicative federal data centers

And yet, still impossible to get any data from the government.

16. Duplicative contracting agencies

Good luck with Congress on this.

17. Reviewing tax earmarks

And this.

18. Modernizing health records by Defense and Veterans Affairs

Or, maybe just tell them to stop stuffing medical records into holes in
the wall.

19. Controlling drug costs by Defense and Veterans Affairs

I don't know why they have any drug costs, since they'll give you Motrin for an arm
that's blown off.

20. Integrating public health information systems

Oh yeah, "modernize" again.

21. Integrating systems against biowarfare

And again

22. Duplication in securing the northern border

Or even securing the northern border at all against
drunk Canuck hunters.

23. Justice Department explosives investigations

Or maybe not suing the states when they try to do the job the Justice department
refuses to do.

24. Transportation Security Agency’s assessments of commercial trucking

Yeah. Just get rid of the whole TSA. Bad idea from another bunch of idiots called
the 9-11 commission.

25. Homeland Security can streamline information collecting with public transit agencies.

Streamline homeland security by erasing the whole bloated mall cop bureaucracy.

26. FEMA can improve oversight of grants

FEMA needs to downsized to one guy. Lock him in a closet with no computer and
tell him he's in charge of spare life preservers.

27. Duplicative development efforts in Afghanistan

Merge with New Orleans and Detroit development offices

28. Overlapping arms control bureaus

I'd say the ship's sailed on any arms control efforts a long
time ago. Good-bye

29. Administrative overlap on domestic food assistance

Replace them with a scale. If the client weighs over 300 lbs, kill
their food stamps. I estimate 75% reduction in costs.

30. Lack of coordination of federal homelessness programs

Lots of vacant homes in my neighborhood!

31. Waste in transportation programs for the disadvantaged

Lots of abandoned cars in my neighborhood!

32. Duplication in job training programs

Lots of "trained" out of work people in my neighborhood!

33. Multiple programs ensuring teacher quality

Yeah, how's that working our for everyone? Kill all of those programs.

34. Fragmented financial literacy programs

The government, who borrows 40 cents for every dollar it spends, is teaching financial
literacy. Seriously?

GAO Waste Report

Monday, August 1, 2011

The term "Civilian Marine"

I was stationed in a place where the majority of the DoD workforce was DoD civilians a few years ago, and for the first time came into contact with the phrase "Civilian Marine." This was obviously dreamed up by a general who wears his ass as a hat, and whose own Marine status is highly questionable. If it was up to me, I would have a bunch of Marines track this clown down, publicly humiliate him by removing all of his service insignia from his uniform and strip him of his own title of Marine, he obviously has no freaking clue what that word means. Did these "Civilian Marines" go through Marine Corps boot camp? Did they go through OCS and TBS? Did they bury any of their brother Marines? Did they march through freezing cold and blistering hot weather, eat crappy chow that would make a pig puke, and carry back-crushing loads for miles and miles? Do they have vital parts of their bodies, like their backs and knees missing due to service to their country? Did they go from the yellow footprints to seeing the best and worst of what human beings can accomplish. No, they did not. They are not Marines.

Time Magazine: One clear winner from the debt showdown is Obama

With Debt Deal Reached, Can Congress Swallow Its Own Bitter Medicine?

At the bottom of the article, Time shrills, "Conversely, the one clear winner from all this seems to be President Obama."

Really? Is that why his poll numbers are in the basement? The one clear LOSER from this is Obama. He came across looking like an inept boob throughout the whole process. Too bad we can't send Time magazine to the same place he's going to: the unemployment line. Oh wait, maybe we can.

Revenue Falls Again for Time Inc.