Friday, February 28, 2014

Bradley Smith shows how the Democrats weaponized the IRS

A damning timeline from the former chairman of the Federal Election Committee, on how the Democrats mobilized the IRS to take down their political enemies. There is no doubt that the IRS is being used as a political weapon and needs to be disbanded and replaced with a flat tax system:

The Democrats (Marxists) will never allow their favorite toy to be taken apart, so I doubt it will happen before the government has a currency collapse, but at that moment we can send it packing. What will all those agents do without being able to party in Vegas on the taxpayers dime. 7-11 clerks maybe?

A more comprehensive timeline can be found here:

Hat tip, the incomparable Mark Levin.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Aging self absorbed socialist crone crying

I'm sure you've all hear about the traitor Jane Fonda crying because she doesn't have much time left. I think she should be crying because we made her stay in North Vietnam after she gave aid and comfort to our enemies. I think she should be crying because after we didn't allow her to return to U.S. soil, or any other county besides North Vietnam and parents tell stories about that traitorous self absorbed bitch who has to live in a grass hut and wear a cone hat because she decided to support the enemy who was torturing and killing my brothers in the service, the ones who gave their all so that the nasty bitch could sleep in her Beverly Hills palace. I think she should be crying because for the last forty-five years she's been knee deep in mud, arguing with the local commissar about how much rice she picked that day. I think she should be crying because she had to live in Vietnam for forty-five years and she looks like a dried up old crone, because they didn't have plastic surgeons in Vietnam, they didn't have fitness coaches and spas, they didn't have exercise regimes and tanning beds. You got a tan by leading your water buffalo around, and your skin looks like a dried up apple after ten years of working in the fields because they didn't have sun screen. I think she should be crying because after Vietnam opened its doors to the West, she still wasn't allowed back home and American tourists visit her hut and take pictures and laugh at the old socialist crone who had it all, and then threw it away like the spoiled little bitch she was. I don't think she should have gotten an opportunity to cry for being 76 years old and her time is up. There's a long line of my brothers in the afterlife crying because their time was up at 19 years on this Earth, and they were killed on the battlefield, their last thoughts were of their mother, blood, and pain. It's too bad we couldn't give her a real reason to cry.

Mark Levin: "The media have demonstrated exactly what they are...pathetic partisan hacks."

So true Mark. Tell it like it is:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Marc Rubio gives seminal speech on Cuba and Socialist failure

I don't always agree with the man, but when he shines it's pretty bright:

A reading from "What Social Classes owe to each other" by William Graham Sumner

Written over a hundred years ago in 1883, it's still as true today:

"It is very popular to pose as a "friend of humanity,"
or a "friend of the working classes."
The character, however, is quite exotic in the
United States. It is borrowed from England,
where some men, otherwise of small account,"
have assumed it with great success and advantage.
Anything which has a charitable sound and a kindhearted
tone generally passes without investigation,
because it is disagreeable to assail it."

"Passes without investigation" is the battle cry of what ails us now. Obamacare, with the Marxists shrilling, "What are we going to do about the poor?" I guess we'll just make everyone poor.

My favorite phrase is, "Some men, otherwise of small account."

Otherwise of small account list: Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, and last, but not least, the king of community organizers himself, Barack Hussein Obama. Small account, small knowledge of history, small dreaming men.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Federal leviathan's lust for power is affecting everything

A few weeks ago, we had notice the the feds, under the new banking laws (punishment) are coming to inspect our risk models at the company I work for to make sure we're doing a good enough job measuring risk.

Stop me if I'm wrong, but its none of their goddamn business how we're measuring risk, as long as we've insured our depositors against catastrophe. Such stupid and unconstitutional laws, layered like an onion and just as eye-watering haven't changed the risks to depositors and just add another layer of corporate stupidity and panic to an industry that's already filled with stupidity and panic. But some of us are 'allowed' to use our own risk models. Maybe someday, some of us will be 'allowed' to breath.

There is no way to make money now as a bank, unless you charge admin fees because of the fed already turning the system upside down with interest rates that are below the inflation rate. When the fed stops devaluing our currency to the tune of  $80 billion a month of quantitative easing, there will be another huge wave of bank failures when the government teat dries up.

And if you want to hear the news of that, you may have problems because the FCC is going to start going around grilling news organizations (conservative ones anyway) about how they pick their stories in another subversive exercise in soft tyranny. The new stations can't do anything, because the FCC can pull their license. The conservative news organizations should refuse in mass, and hold a 24 hour blackout so we can all see what a one party socialist dystopia serviced by the Obama praetorian guard of a media (hat tip Mark Levin) looks like.

The real question is, how far will this go? How much regulation, money manipulation, and tyranny before the bough breaks and we have to reboot the Constitution?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ICE Hunger strike in Phoenix

Some hunger strikers protesting family deportations in Phoenix:

Looks to me their fat asses could use a hunger strike. I also noted that the idiotic main stream media is not so stupid that they would print this image of a bunch of lard asses were stupid enough to stage a hunger strike.

The local radio station was dumb enough to cover it, and interviewed one of the burrito butts about the strike, who shrilly cried, "Being a human is not illegal." That is so wise.

You know what is illegal? Driving without a license or insurance and wrecking my car, driving up my rates. Stealing my motorcycle while I'm deployed in the Marine Corps, protecting your fat ass. Smashing the back window of my SUV and stealing my tools. All of these things were committed to me or members of my family in the last twenty five years by illegals.

So take your fat, illegal, hunger-striking, no insurance having, emergency room clogging asses back across the border. Couldn't you guys find one protester that didn't look like bag of potatoes? Just one?

No offense.


Studies you won't find on the Main Stream Media about same-sex families

I'm not posting this stuff because I'm anti same-sex marriage. I'm posting it because I'm anti-Main Stream Media.

Here's a suppressed study about same sex families called The Kids's Aren't All Right:

The study found that children of lesbian mother couples were more likely to have trouble establishing social relationships, more likely to have trouble with the law, and more likely to cheat on their partner than children from traditional families.

Here's another story backing that up with a poor confused child, who can't figure out what happened and has had trouble relating and with relationships his whole life.

Maybe we have this social structure of a conventional family, because nature set it up that way. Liberals are always telling us not to screw with nature. Unless it's a gay thing, then it's OK to screw with nature.Well, nature is looking for some payback in the form of social awkwardness, unemployment, and problems in relationships. I've come from a family line of screwed up liberals for three generations of divorce, ill-conceived relationships, and bad career planning . And guess what we have in our extended family in abundance:

1) Social Awkwardness
2) Unemployment
3) Screwed up kids because of relationship problems

I'm the only one who finished college, has a career, and has a stable marriage. And the only conservative. Imagine that.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Beautiful America, please. stop moving forward

A great post from a former member of the gulag who lives in San Francisco and is surrounded by idiot Marxists who have no idea whom they are supporting:

But of course the Marxist response to this, and all other socialist failures, "They just didn't do it right."

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Origins: Non-debate Parallel Realities at ASU Gamage Auditorium

So I went to this event at ASU Gammage last night: Great Debate Parallel Realities: Probing Fundamental Physics:

I was pretty stoked about it, because I thought they were going to talk about the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and maybe some arguments for the Hidden Variables Interpretation, and even the Copenhagen Interpretation. Instead we got:

A European female physicist with a slick presentation, but little substance about the Higgs boson and life at the CERN particle accelerator.

A female astrophysicist with another slick presentation about dark matter with no real substance like, I dunno, why do we suspect it's existence (the rotational velocity of the galaxies is too fast, even I know that!) alternatives, etc.

Both the women at the presentation were invited because they were women, achievements on their end were pretty thin I would say. Their talks, certainly were thin.

An astronomer, who did work on the team that discovered the galaxies were accelerating away from each other which produced speculation about dark energy, his presentation was pretty unremarkable also.

David Gross, who actually gave a good presentation about Standard Model physics and how a lot of this fit together. His was the only decent lecture.

Lawrence Krauss, who kept pushing his atheist views with a mantra "by chance alone" and "caused by nothing" along with socialist politics on the audience. Which wouldn't have been as bad if he actually bothered to say anything substantive about the issue at hand, or WHY he thinks this is all chance. You know, do that scientist thing and forward a hypothesis backed by some experimental data.

This is why a lot of science in this country is in trouble, because of this kind of pseudo-science, philosophic, belly-button lint-picking mental masturbation. When the scientists refuse to do that scientist thing.

 So, Krauss isn't a scientist, he's a politician, and a half-ass anti-theologian at best. I'm not a religious man by any means. But I like cosmology in my cosmology lectures, if that's not too damn much trouble.

So my advice, Phoenicians is the next time you want to go to a real physics lecture, go down to the U of A, or make sure it's not sponsored by, nor contains that idiot Krauss.

And Krauss, get a job with MSNBC or something. The thought that Krauss gets a nice little chunk of my Arizona State taxes with his day job doing not a whole lot at that center for physics mediocrity known as Arizona State University makes me want to vomit large quantities of Higg's Bosons.