Tuesday, December 31, 2013

EPA forces APS to shutdown units...jobs go down and power rates rise

Thanks Obama:


APS has to raise it's rates, it has fewer resources now and will have to use more expensive methods to generate electricity. Who do the boobs who are dumb enough to pay for the Arizona Repugnant and make comments on the comment page blame for this? The power company of course. And the shutdown comes on the Indian reservation where the unemployment rate is already 50%.

But Earthjustice attorney Suma Peesepati says,"The closure is a great way to begin 2014."

Too bad we can't get Suma to crap some jobs and power out of her huge ass:


She also has a BA in French Literature, speaking of crap. Real contribution to society, that. It gets better. Apparently  Suma came down here from Canada. So, first her family has to immigrate from some Socialist nightmare in Asia to Canada. Then, she leaves Socialist Canada and comes down here to crap up the place. So tell me Suma, after you and your fellow Marxists get done making Amerika, where will you go then?

Do us all a favor, and leave now. We have enough French Literature reading, Earthjustice leaning, Marxist turds sucking money out of our bank accounts and going down to Antarctica to get stuck in some ice trying to prove the ice sheets are melting. Oh, that's the Australian Marxists turds, isn't it?

What's the difference?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Jackson Browne...I am a patriot

I like Jackson Browne's music, and its held up well over time. There was a time in the 80's where Browne, like the other idiot artists and media types protested against the best president we had for the latter half of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan. Browne came under criticism for his whining and did a cover of the Van Zandt song, "I am a Patriot."

This may be a little late, but I'd like to say something to Jackson Browne.

You are no patriot.

Pat Tillman was a patriot. Jimmy Stewart was a patriot. Ronald Reagan who tried to serve but was blocked because of his eyesight was a patriot.

You Jackson Browne, might be a good singer, but you are no Pat Tillman. You and your ilk aren't fit to clean his cat's litter box. Just the patriotic runoff from it would make you explode like holy water hitting a vampire. You just hang out with Hanoi Jane and the rest of them, sit around in your mansions, and bad mouth your country. Which you shouldn't be afforded the right to live in, but we have to put up with your crap for now because the patriots, through the goodness of their heart ALLOW you little turds to live here.

One of these days, the patriots who just got their benefits cut (by your ilk) are going to get tired of you little turds, and crap them out onto Cuba, South America, and the various other Socialist dumps who you shill for.

Then you can talk bad about the patriots.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Looking at Arizona Political blogs, a tour of mediocrity

But are there any good local political blogs? I think not. The Washington Compost (hat tip for that name, Mark Levin) recommends Blog for Arizona, which for me is like a stock tip from Bernie Madoff.

There's a Donkey on that site, maybe he couldn't find a picture of a horses ass. The first article I saw was No, Obamacare is not in a death spiral. Maybe its a death race between Obamacare or the government, or maybe Obamacare will take down the feds. If Obamacare takes out the fed government, would that be a death spiral or a life spiral? For the people of the US. Blog for Arizona, or maybe I'll call it Blog for Arizona Marxists says that: A majority of Americans says “providing access to affordable health care coverage for all Americans is the responsibility of the federal government,” by 54-43. 

Then he's got a bunch of other crap from this poll, from the New York Slimes, and CBS, the Communist Broadcasting System. Apparently they put this poll together from calling their own staffs and asking their opinions. Like all Marxists, Blog for Arizona Marxists had to dig deep to find a bright spot in the Socialist Utopian nightmare that is literally making people desperate. I don't know what an opinion poll has to do with whether this plan is a good plan or not, but Donkey Marxist doesn't care about things like that. If he did he wouldn't be a Marxists now would he? He'd believe in the concept of limited government that the founding fathers started this country with. Luckily, that idea will survive. Big government socialism? We know where that always ends. Show me one that has survived in the long term. Just one. 

But I have to thank Blog for Arizona Marxist for giving me material to bag on. As Shrek said, "Thanks Donkey!"
And since we're citing polls, I wonder how all those idiots in the polls can be saying that, and also saying that Big Government is our greatest threat:


Somebody's poll is crap. I'm guessing it's the New York Slimes poll. Much like their newspaper.
Then we have this other blog, the Hamer Times. Hamer is President of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This translates to crony capitalism in actions, if not words. And this entry, proves that he's a crony capitalist:


Where he agrees with the Arizona Repugnant on a new study needed to attract Mexican Tourists. Seems to me we don't have a problem attracting Mexican Tourists to this state. Getting them to go home now, that's a problem. Getting them to stop stealing crap out of my garage (just got ripped off last week by two "Mexican Tourists") is a problem. 

So Hamer is a wash. We'll label him a Neo-statist crony capitalist. But, hey, better than a Marxist.

Then we have Arizona Eagletarian, who is an Egalitarian  Get it? Eagletarian, Egalitarian  Clever or what? Brilliant baby! He must have learned that in law school. And what exactly is an egalatarian. Wikipedia says that its a trend of thought that favors equality for all people. It also says that Milton Friedman embraced Egalitarianism which is a total falsehood. Milton Friedman specifically stated on a number of occasions that when you strive for equality at the expense of liberty then you will have neither. History bears this out with many examples of failed forced equality in Socialist governments. And make no mistake, Arizona Eagletarian is a Socialist, look at his blogroll; Arizona House Democrats, Democratic Diva, Blah blah Socialist this, Blah blah Socialist that. 

Of course he's a Marxist, but he'll never say that. No, no, He's an Egalitarian!  He wants to redistrict Arizona. For equality you see. Not so the Democrats can stack the deck with Marxists who know what's good for you. 

I'll continue the march of mediocrity later, I need to go vomit after reading this stuff.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

EJ Morontini of the Repugnant...getting it wrong. Almost always

I recently watched a video of EJ Montini, longtime Marxist columnist for the Arizona Republic where he endeavors to 'make the state go in the right direction.'  Or the left direction. I forget which. By the right direction he means the way of North Korea, Cuba, and don't forget the latest: Venezuela. We're not quite there yet, in Caracas they're jailing retail managers and looting their stores. But until we reach that happy point where Morontini is digging through garbage cans to look for food, right now all he has to bitch about is  HB2593 a bill which raises campaign contributions.


Why the hell do we have bills limiting campaign contributions at all? So one majority party doesn't get control of media assets for campaigns? Kinda like Morontini and his jackass liberal stooges in the media have control over the process now. 95% of those turds are leftists, if you haven't noticed. They're the ones that are cheer leading Obama right now, along with Reid and Pelosi as they take the country over a fiscal cliff of hyperinflation.

So, Morontini is saying "...we lose again," with the passage of  HB2593. By 'we' he means Castro, Stalin, Obama, himself, his Marxist liberal idiots in the media who have never lived under the boot of Socialism, but they're making it happen here. Chipping away at the freedoms in the Constitution, changing the name of Socialism to Progressivism, telling the two paying readers of the Republic left, that they're losing.

But we've already lost a huge amount of our freedoms by people listening to Morontini and his ilk. One of the freedoms is the amount we contribute to a candidate. The right to have a phone call without it being listened in on by the NSA (it's for your own good you know). The right to get on an airplane without seeing an 80 year old woman or a six year old girl fondled by a jack booted thug. OK, they look more like fat lesbian dwarves than Nazis in many cases, but you get my meaning.

So, Morontini, no Socialism for you today. Keep writing, you may still get it before the Repugnant is sold for a dollar. Tell me where you're printing your column when the Repugnant succumbs to the freedom of the people of Arizona.  The freedom equating to no one buying your rag. Then you'll truly have your 'equality.'

Just another blog.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Repugnant: Rich Schools get Richer

Schilling for Marxism again, what a shocker. The Arizona Republic today is screaming how a tax-credit program is helping rich Arizona schools get richer:


Do you know how much of your state tax dollars in Arizona go to the schools and universities? Take a guess. Ten percent? Twenty percent? Thirty?

Try a whopping 50%. Don't believe me? Here it is:


Hard to believe, isn't it? And that's just the state tax money, following the money trails for the public schools in Arizona is pretty hard.

And that's the way they want it.

Get quite a bit for our money don't we? And in typical Socialist fashion, you get to pay the same taxes for education if you are childless as the guy down the street with ten kids. If he pays taxes. Which he doesn't, because he has ten kids. And if you make more money, you pay a higher percentage.

They call that tax system Progressive. And the Socialists call themselves progressive. If you want to retry socialism, and we know that socialism has failed for every society that has tried it, shouldn't it be called regressive? Or maybe Progressive is short for Passive-Regressive.Cause they're kind of passive aggressive regressives over there at the Republic, aren't they?

I've seen the argument that it is for society's benefit whether you are childless or not to promote an education system. That might be true if we had an education system, which we don't. The public cesspools of the Phoenix School system where I live are rife with drugs, knives, and kids that can't read. If I had a kid, I couldn't send him to Camelback High School where I went, he'd be stabbed, shot, and run over, probably with weapons and cars made in the school's shops:


And the Repugnant wants to redistribute the wealth to the that environment and to administrators of our public schools so they can line their pockets with per diem:


Or sell drugs. If they teach kindergarten.


Oddly enough, the Republic seems to have missed out on that news. But they miss out on most news that doesn't make their socialist bullshit palatable. Ya know, if you don't print it, it's like it didn't happen. And we had to get that info from the New Times, a publication whose "Progressivism" would make Stalin blush. The one thing that they depend on is covering up the news, or distorting it.

Socialism, while it appeals to a person's compassion, cannot in reality exist or grow in a society where politicians and the media are virtuous.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Once more, the Arizona Repugnant gets it wrong on how to fix CPS

Just fire the Director, that'll fix everything:


Ya know, it's funny. I don't remember the Republic demanding the firing of Sebellus with the disastrous Obamacare roll out. But this will fix forty years of apathy and incompetence at CPS. Just fire the director. Oh, and throw more money at it. And don't forget to throw more worthless liberal think tank studies at it. And fill it full of morons that majored in government bullshit in college, or worse; Women's Studies. Maybe you can get one of those morons that paid 150k for a worthless masters in Woman's Studies at Columbia. I hear there's a whole passel of those horse's asses that need a job.

Go figure.

By the way, in case anybody thinks I pay for that rag, let me put those thoughts to rest. I don't pay jack to jibe at the idiotic Obama praetorian guard Marxist Democrat party sycophantic ass kissing crap printed in the Arizona Republic. Everything ranted on here is free stuff. I wouldn't give them a wooden nickel to keep their shitty newspaper on life support for one more minute. Actually they should pay people to read it, which would be in line with their socialist view of how to run a business. Weird that that business model never seems to work out, except for NPR, and part of the US Auto Industry. Maybe the Repugnant can get their paying readers (both of them) to pitch it to the Marxists we have in the Arizona State Legislature. You know, the ones that signed us up for that Obamacare disaster along with that idiot Jan Brewer who should have made her Botox appointment instead of mustering the votes needed to sink the state's budget with the calamity of Obamacare.

No offense.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Arizona Repugnant Trashes Border Patrol Agents, forgets about Obama's defacto amnesty order to them

The Arizona Republic's Marxist Morons are at it again:


Whining and crying about the Border Patrol shooting at the criminals that are crossing the border illegally, drugs and all. Where is the investigation about the defacto amnesty that Obama has ordered, effectively breaking his oath of office and selectively enforcing the laws of the United States?


Oh, wait! There aren't any of those investigations. Where are the investigations of the worthless state agencies that the "journalists" at the Repugnant are supposed to cover. Except for the occasional piece on the unbelievable screwed up CPS, the sounds of crickets chirping into the night reigns over at the Republic as they blissfully ignore any and all wrongdoing locally (unless it's by law enforcement or the military) because here at the Republic we're for big government, and big government at all levels has to be good. If it's not good, then how can we be for it. Wasn't that a Pink Floyd song or something?

The only redeeming feature of the article is in the comments section where online users are hammering away at the Repugnant's 'investigation.' Except for the two liberal readers who still subscribe to that piece of liberal talking points crap, everyone pretty much is waiting for their demise. Maybe I can buy it for a dollar, like that other libtard publication sold for...what were they called?

 Gee, I've forgotten them.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Arizona Repugnant laments city of Glendale's Fiscal Woes, after cheerleading them into bankruptcy

But what do you expect of the Marxists over at the Arizona Republic. First they cheer that big government  idiot (Moderate if you're a Republic writer) McCain for taking on the Goldwater Institute. All the Goldwater Institute was trying to do was force some fiscal sanity on the situation. But what do you expect from a paper that's going broke itself?


Now they're all like, "Woe is Glendale for making stupid sports decisions like the Coyotes."


The only bright spot in that whole fiasco is while people might still live in Glendale if it goes broke, no one is going to have to read that crappy newspaper if it goes broke. But maybe they can rent out the building as low income housing to a bunch of socialistic out of work former Republic columnists. I understand they're going to be a little short of cash soon.Too bad they can't put John McCain there with them, and call the place a 'Moderate' living facility for RINOs.

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe speaking the gospel on education, hard work, and career common sense

The Democrats hate this kind of talk...their precious campuses, full of future members of the proletariat are collapsing under the weight of loan debt and unworkable utopianism. Rowe speaks the hard facts about the value of blue collar work, facts that Socialists hate.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fast food workers strike, Americans yawn and buy frozen gourmet pizza

Or maybe they're not fast food workers. Fox says most of them didn't come from fast food restaurants:


 Note to fast food, or any other minimum wage workers: You are about 3-5 years away from being replaced by McRobots.

My advice is, don't speed up the process. Here's something you can't replace with a McRobot:

Not yet anyway. If you could the human race would die out.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

HOT and NOT: Conservative Beauties vs Statist Trolls

God, even their women are wrong. Wrong looking, that is. But what's an Omega Democrat born loser to do? No decent looking woman is going to let you into her bed if you're a man who runs away at the first sign of a fight.

So you're stuck with one of these buffaloes.

All the long haired men and short haired women as Heinlein use to say, ugliness on parade.  And if you want to see the horrid outcome of those unions just google "Chelsea Clinton." Or go over to CNN or MSNBC.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Henry Morgenthau, Jr. and FDR's failed policies

A quote, from Henry Morgenthau, Jr. on FDR's policies to try and stimulate the economy:

"We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work....After eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started...and an enormous debt to boot!"

Sound familiar? Thank God Obama can't tried this failed crap for a third term like FDR did. Hopefully the country will survive, it did the first time when FDR was president.

I'm surprised it got into Leftopedia. Someone must be screwing up over there. By the way, don't give any money to those idiots, they can put adds on their site like everyone else to pay the bills. There is no reason for that crap.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Challenger Disaster Rogers Commission, Climategate, and picking a Whitewash Committee

The other night I was watching a Discovery Channel show about the Roger's Commission and Richard Feynman's struggle with getting to the bottom of the reason the Challenger blew up. Richard Feynman was a great physicist that was born a bit too late to make it to the list of founders of quantum theory or relativity, but he did come up with Quantum Electrodynamics and maybe more importantly Feynman Diagrams. Feynman's greatest asset was his intellectual honesty about models and theories. Particularly this statement:

"First you guess. Don't laugh, this is the most important step. Then you compute the consequences. Compare the consequences to experience. If it disagrees with experience, the guess is wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science. It doesn't matter how beautiful your guess is or how smart you are or what your name is. If it disagrees with experiment, it's wrong. That's all there is to it."


This might be the most important statement in the name of Science that Feynman ever made. More important than everything else he did, put together. Because more money, time, and politics has been spent on bad research in the last 100 years than on anything else I can think of ignoring this simple rule.

Feynman butted heads with the chairman of the Rodger's Commission, William Rogers, because Rogers wanted to protect the bureaucracy at NASA (you know, the ones that caused the problem(s) in the first place with crappy reliability engineering stats) and Feynman wanted to know what the cause of the explosion actually was. 

Flash forward to 2010 and we have the British House of Commons Science and Technology report on the Climategate fiasco. Graham Stringer wasn't the only member of the committee that had a scientific background, but he was the only one that had a scientific mindset:


While I disagree with Stringer politically, on this issue we're in complete agreement. Stringer said that an independent scientific body not affiliated with the University in question should carry out an investigation and dissented on many of the Committee's findings. 

In the Challenger disaster, Feynman was given a lot of press to state his opinions and embarrass the Commission. Why was that? 

Probably to embarrass Rogers, and the Reagan administration who put together the Rogers Commission.

But the media completely ignored Stringer's dissent in 2010. Stringer's dissent would further embarrass the Cimategate primaries, Al Gore, and everybody associated with the crappy pseudoscience that the Warmists present as irrefutable. Irrefutable as Ptolemy's model of the Solar System maybe. Wikipedia says the Climategate "scientists" were completely exonerated by their reverse-kangaroo court. Good job Wikipedia.




Finally there was a second 'independent investigation' done, and it was hardly non-partial.


 Professor Geoffrey Boulton of the review team, is a Warmist crony:


Professor Peter Clarke whose current research is:

Using global geodesy to observe the seasonal water cycle and climate change.

David Eyton, who in a presentation to the Chinese Academy of Engineering said:

"Climate change remains the most significant potential constraint facing the global energy industry, with fossil fuels accounting for around 60% of CO2 equivalent emissions. However, to date the world has not been willing to place a high enough price on carbon to incentivise significant change."

There was only one member of the commission that wasn't easily listed as on board with the Warmists. This is hardly an impartial team, three out of four of these guys are part of the same camp that produced the psuedoscience and following cover-up,

Friday, November 22, 2013

Arizona CPS: It still sucks and lawmakers are 'shocked'

Arizona's Child Protective Services is in the news again. Seems like they're in the news every year. Every year, another CPS scandal,  problem,  issue, disaster.

This has been going on as long as I remember in Arizona, and I remember back to the 70's. The problem with CPS, is that is is full of Social Workers. I have lived with these people first hand, and as a group, they are the biggest bunch of whining little bitches that I have ever had the displeasure of cohabitating with. And terrible parents. Two of the CPS workers in Arizona had kicked out their kids to relatives when the kids were 14 and 16.

Arizona has been trying to unscrew this agency for years, to no avail. Some of the 'reforms:'

A failed task force by worthless Jan Brewer:


Apparently they had some meetings. That's what the bureaucrats do. Meet. The last meeting on on that webpage was in 2011. The Arizona Repugnant says budget cutbacks gutted the agency. But that's what the Socialists always say. If its not working, just throw money at it:



And we have corruption by the embattled Director of CPS:


In some cases they just ignore reports of child abuse:


What's the best thing to do? Get law enforcement/military personnel  as CPS workers, not this pie in the sky, masters degree in sociology, psychology, or some other worthlessology. Law enforcement personnel know how to investigate, know when people are lying to them, and aren't intimidated by thuggish parents.

Send the ologies back to the scrap heap of worthless degrees along with the women studies, and communications majors.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Democrat Governors: We got Obamacare to work

From the Washington Post:


One of the writers of the puff piece is the governor of Washington State. Apparently, a few people in Washington State aren't real happy that Obamacare is 'working.'

Single mom thanked Obama for her $169/mo insurance — then discovered it would actually cost her $621/mo


If this is what they call working, I'd hate to see their failures:


Oh, wait. We have seen their socialist failures. Here's one in Venezuela going on right now:


I'm sure that they 'just didn't do it right.'

PS: It is still sucking:


Monday, November 18, 2013

Arizona Republic prints AP wishful thinking


GOP group money down, hints at donor uncertainty

The GOP will lose elections in 2014 because of the shutdown and Republican malaise

Mark Levin refers to them as the Associated Depressed

Liberal journalists, distraught over the failure of Obamacare will go into herculean efforts this year to try and dispirit and malign conservatives to game the elections. If the law continues on its current path of destroying American Health Care the Republicans will have a blow out in 2014, even worse than 2010.

And by the way, AP, NYT, and the rest of you socialist morons owe Ted Cruz an apology for all the crap you gave him when he did everything he could to protect us from this debacle, and you cheered it on right over the cliff. 

Good job, American media. 

Too bad we can't ship you off to Venezuela where you can stand in line for a week for a loaf of bread. But hey, soon it will be like that here where you can stand in line for a year to get an oncologist appointment. Unfortunately, you took us all with you. 

Let me take a moment and apologize for Senator John McCain

One of the worst Senators in the world, here's John McCain in a clip from Glenn Beck, saying he didn't know what he was doing. I agree, he doesn't know what he's doing. Please stop doing it. Just go away.

It's really too bad we can't recall these knuckleheads. Even if we tried, too many other idiots from failed places like California, Chicago, and Detroit have moved down here and are turning the state from red to blue. In a short time, Arizona will probably elect more of these knuckleheads because the failed state gypsies never seem to learn, they just move around, vote for idiots, and then leave. Leaving enough of their socialist stink and spawn to continue to gum up the works for generation.

Nothing in Ezekiel Emanuel's Wikipedia Entry that states he's the architect of Obamacare

Why is that? Who took it out? Or why was it not put in in the first place?


This is the biggest piece of socialist legislation in this country since Lyndon Johnson started our slide into mediocrity with his great society and no one bothers to mention that? In fact, the article says he differs with Obama on many issues. You wouldn't know that by his interviews.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Wikipedia whoppers about Obamacare

Wikipedia has quite the cheerleading page about Obamacare here:


You might think that the genius behind Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel (did this guy get beat up a lot in school or what?) wrote the Wikipedia page on the laughably named Affordable Care Act.

So, let's fact check one of the 'Myths' that the article debunks:

"...other prominent myths about the ACA are that Congress is "exempt" from the reforms..."

Is Congress exempt from the ACA? Yes and no. Listen to this:

"On August 7, 2013, OPM issued a preliminary rule which would allow the subsidies to continue (Note: This rule was finalized about a month later). The 17 page document includes the suggestion that Members of Congress should define the term “official office.” Why? Staff members who are so designated would be required to purchase their health insurance through the Exchange and without the benefit of employer contributions.  "

From this article in Forbes. 


So all they have to do is say, no one is part of our "official office" and thus we don't have to purchase insurance from the Exchange nor give up our employer contribution.

Oddly enough, that back door was left out of the Leftypedia article. Here's an excerpt from the Conservapedia article:

"Congressman John Fleming has offered a legislative amendment that would require United States congressmen and senators to take the same health care plan they try to force on others (under proposed legislation they are curiously exempt."


As an extra added bonus, here is the architect of the Titanic itself, blaming a media outlet for the iceberg collision and sinking of the eminently sinkable Titanic:

Linda Valdez of the Arizona Republic...Champion of Broken English

Linda wrote an opinion column a couple of days ago in the Arizona Repugnant that looks something like this:


 "Obamacare is suffering self-inflicted wounds. It’s hard to excuse the level of screw up.

 So few people managed to enroll that only the GOP could cheer.

And they are cheering.

 Those who were rooting for failure are happy."

 Spacing and all. Who talks like this? And how hard is it to be a columnist for the Republic? Don't they have a TOEFL or something to get on there? Or maybe they had to scrap it because of a declining readership. Maybe they should only publish in Spanish.

 Or, as Jack Nicholson said in As Good As it Gets, "Where do they teach you to talk like this? In some Panama City "Sailor wanna hump-hump" bar, or is it getaway day and your last shot at his whiskey? Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here."


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crony Capitalism, Statist Control, and Entitlement State..all rolled up in one big disaster called Obamacare

What is Obamacare?

A website/web app contract awarded to Michelle Obama's classmate's company on a three hundred million dollar no-bid contract. According to the Washington Post, CGI Federal "...but only started ramping up business after 2008." Gee, what a coincidence. It only started ramping up business with government entities after 2008. What happened in 2008? Oh yeah, that Socialist in the White House was elected. What a coincidence!

CGI Federal Contracts 2001-2013

On the entitlement state, Forbes writers Yaron Brook and Don Watkins asserted in 2011 that:

"...in a culture that revered individual responsibility and regarded being “on the dole” as shameful, formal charity was almost always a last resort. Typically people who hit tough times would first dip into their savings. They might take out loans and get their hands on whatever commercial credit was available. If that wasn't enough, they might insist that other family members enter the workforce."

That was America, before it became fashionable to be a victim on Oprah. Woe is all of us. 

Obama's approval ratings of 39% attest to that change in attitude. Thirty-nine percent of Americans still think he's doing a good job? Astonishing. People are saying that approval rating is low, what I'm saying with his track record, a de facto unemployment rate of over 14%, and people losing their health insurance policies after he told them multiple times they wouldn't and he still has thirty-nine percent?


So we have this perfect storm of chrony-capitalism coupled with an entitlement state population. I just saw Elysium with socialist Matt Damon as the working class hero, dukeing it out with capitalist evil woman played by Jodi Foster in a distopian future where the evil capitalists withheld medical care from the working class, and lived in a paradise far removed from the slums that supported them. 

Funny, that we should be evolving towards a distopian future where the evil statist ruling class elected by friends of Matt Damon and his ilk take our health care away and live in a prosperous city like Washington DC, where they don't have to abide by Obamacare. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

David Horowitz comments on the left

H/T Breitbart. My favorite line from this piece, and so telling about the American Left:

“The left hate the Constitution because Madison designed it to thwart them.”


And so the current administration is ignoring the Constitution.

And nobody in Washington is going to fix it. There is only one way, and Mark Levin shows us the way:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Arizona Repugnant sells class warfare vis-a-vis High Schools

'Scottsdale's financial disparity a sign of the times' shouts the headline from the Arizona Republic today. A story  telling us 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times' claptrap talking about Coronado High Schools peanut butter and jelly athletic program and Chaparral's champagne and caviar's program. Rise up and rebel workers!

'The divide between Coronado and Chaparral hasn't always been this wide' the article screams. Bad times are here. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Well, yeah, maybe. But why Arizona Republic? All your cheer leading for statism, socialism, high taxes and all that Marxist jazz maybe? Not doing your job and rooting for the big government guys, Obamacare, punishing businesses coming home to roost? Ignoring the sacred duty of a journalist to root out corruption? Well, if its among conservatives you'll root it out. But you're supposed to do it no matter whose corrupt, aren't you? How naive of me to think so.

Speaking of naive, I'll share a little secret with you.

I went to elementary school in Coronado's district in the 70's and guess what? We were lower middle class and the kids that were in Chaparral were the rich kids. Back then, forty years ago. So, things have changed, but not as much as the kill the rich morons in the declining circulation, media death spiral seeking, Obamacare loving Arizona Republic would like you to think so.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Freedom from Fear

I was watching Fox News on Saturday and their was a panel member, some editor of USA Today, part of Obama's media shield go on and say that her own health care costs have increased dramatically under Obamacare. Then she went on to say she still supported Obamacare.

So we have a lot of the left who  are exposed to the higher costs and lower quality of Obamacare who are starting to change their mind about the law once it hits their pocketbook. Then we have this other collection of idiots (the people who changed their minds are a different class of idiots because they believed him in the first place) who still, even now, believe the US government can fix this mess. Don't be afraid, Uncle Sugar will fix it and take care of you.

They can't fix it, like Reagan said, they're the problem. What's the attraction? Why would you give up your freedom?

Freedom can be scary. Nobody is going to take care of you but you. There isn't a safety net if you have no family. But you have to survive. You have to succeed. Or you starve.

Then there is Socialism. Roosevelt talked about Freedom of Fear meaning the fear of being attacked by your neighbor. But did he also mean freedom from fear of failing? Failing in your job, failing to provide from your family?

This is Socialism. Freedom from Fear.

Fear sucks, don't get me wrong. But nature gave it to us for a reason. Without the fear of failure, we become Cuba, we become the Soviet Union. Big daddy will take care of you. Obamacare will take care of you. Socialism is the woman's dream of a husband taking care of them, the reason why so many weak men and rejects are attracted to the idea of Socialism. Stalin and his insecurities. Castro the illegitimate son of a farmer. The artists who are too disorganized to run their own lives.

The editor from USA today.

We need the fear of failure, without it, if we embrace Socialism, we can get enough to eat, your own little hut on the rice paddy.  But no progress. No space travel, no new technology. No pharmaceutical or medical breakthroughs. No real life. Embrace the fear. Take the chances, don't depend on what the government can do for you.

That way lies failure. That should be the real fear.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Off Topic..happy Darth Vader Haloween!!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer owns the disaster that is Obamacare, and should pay the price

It's no secret out here in Arizona that the formerly Republican Governor Jan Brewer turned stark raving mad a while back and supported Obamacare here in the Grand Canyon State, turning our insurance premiums into a bottomless pit.

Now that the world is waking up to the disaster that is Obamacare, let us take a moment to remind everyone  that the local perpetrator of this trainwreck is Jan Brewer. And let's make sure that she never gets an opportunity to do this again by either recalling her, ignoring her, or pulling the plug on any liberal legislation that she tries to ram through until she is gone. And here are her Republican cohorts in Arizona in this disaster:

Rep. Kate Brophy-McGee
Rep. Heather Carter
Rep. Doug Coleman
Rep. Jeff Dial
Rep. Doris Goodale
Rep. Ethan Orr
Rep. Frank Pratt
Rep. Bob Robson
Rep.  T.J. Shope
Sen. Rich Crandall
Sen. Adam Driggs
Sen. John McComish
Sen. Steve Pierce
Sen. Bob Worsley

Hat tip, Americans for Prosperity

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obamascare, the bottom line comes in for the Democrats.

And it doesn't look good:

Now THEY want to delay it.

And Fox News is reporting even the Hollywood fawns are running away from Obamacare, faster than a Statist running to a tax raising committee:


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The ten rules in the Establishment Republican Handbook

Rules to NOT live by. And as an Arizonan I apologize to the nation for John McCain (the Senator, not the sailor). I voted for Hayworth:


Speaking of which, here's the recall John McCain website:


And his BS remarks on the phony shutdown that 'hurt a lot of people:'


Obama has turned into a Simpsons character

Hat tip, Newsbusters. Here's Jon Stewart telling it like it is. For once:

Notice the reference to putting the pregnant woman with diabetes in the sun. These are the idiots that are going to run our health care. Or not run it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The left's love affair with Canadian Health Care

Adam Goldenburg, a Slate Socialist thinks death panels will be a good thing:


Of course, only you and I will have to put up with them. Adam and the other party members will get special treatment of course.


Hence the two-tier system that evolves in these Socialist Countries. One for the privileged and one for everyone else:


Pundits keep saying the wait time for surgery and treatment is less than for Americans. Unless you read the Canucks own report:


And where will the Canadians go then, when our system is as bad or worse than theirs?


And when it fails (in our case on launch the rocket blew up on the pad) they'll say like the Socialists always do, "We just didn't do it right."


CBS presents another BS poll blaming Tea Party for phony shutdown, polling is done by firm that can't spel (sic)

I also noticed they didn't ask if Obama is to blame for shutdown, nor did they present the political party of the sampled population:


At the bottom of the report:

"This poll was conducted by telephone October 18-21, 2013 among 1,007dults nationwide."

What is 1007dults? Some kind of Socialist group math?

Monday, October 21, 2013

The dangers of creating a permanent and large underclass, bread and circuses, Obamacare and Foodstamps

An AP news article today talks about 15 percent of US youth out of work and school. The U.S. Department of labor says the unemployment rate is seven percent, most of us who don't have tinfoil hats know the real rate is over twice that. The Democrats require a permanent under informed, underclass to promote class warfare and redistribution of wealth, along with the destruction of private property to further their Marxist  soft tyranny (Hat tip: the great Mark Levin and Alexis de Tocqueville) .

Of course danger in this situation, fueled with bread and circuses as the Romans patricians did in their time is what happens when the bread runs out and the created underclass can't eat the circus. What do they do then? Here in the United States they riot:


So, they question becomes, what happens then? What happens when the permanent underclass can no longer be fed lies, bread, and circuses? Panem et circenses? Revolutio? 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

CNN laugh-fest: "For most people, Obamacare won't make a direct impact."

Oh, no. Of course not. For most people Obamacare won't make a direct impact. Let's do some 'fact checking on CNN's claim:


"Double Down: Obamacare Will Increase Avg. Individual-Market Insurance Premiums By 99% For Men, 62% For Women"

The Forbes story is here:

So, I guess CNN's definition of direct impact and my definition differ by a bit. I think the voters might notice that kind of impact...just a guess on my part. We'll find out in November of 2014.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

If Breaking bad had been set in the UK

Christopher Keeley (whoever the hell that is) has a cute little cartoon stating that if Breaking Bad had happened in the UK, then the main character's cancer care would be paid for and he never would have had to sell drugs:


Sorry, Chris. Or should I call you Christine, ward of the nanny state. Take a look at these stats:


Cancer death rate per 100,000 for the US is 123.8
For the UK? 137. Ten percent worse. But don't worry Christine. Obama has just turned our tech savvy healthcare system into a banana republic disaster, we'll have you beat soon. Where will you go then?

CBS News: ObamaCare disaster would be front page news if the Republicans hadn't shutdown the government

I just have two issues with the reporter's hypothesis that the ObamaCare disaster would be front page news if the Republicans hadn't shutdown the government.

1) The Republicans didn't shutdown the government and it was a phony shutdown anyway.

2) No Obama disaster is front page news. Most of the MSM tries to bury those stories as long as they can, or muffle them. Bengazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA ring a bell? The entire presidency is a disaster.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Are ugly, redheaded, Socialist, scorned columnists from the New York Times necessary?

For some reason I came across a reference to Maureen Dowd's treatise on man hate, Are Men Necessary? I'm not sure why I was subjected to that pain, one of the authors I like is going through some type of self-flagellation because he hasn't come out with a decent book in fourteen years and has decided to go liberal, Oprah, and oh, yes, Maureen Dowd.

So Maureen, the plain, snarky girl that is cool among the masses of women dissatisfied with their own attempts to have a meaningful relationship has a man problem. No man. My wife and I have some of these in our group of friends, snarky, single, liberal losers that couldn't hang on to a decent man to save their life, and boy did they get their chance. Maureen, girl that I wouldn't give a second glance to, I will answer your question.

I doubt you would know what a man is, since you are surrounded by women, and women in men's bodies like Aaron Sorkin. A man is not necessary for you. You will go to your dinner parties, surrounded by other women and women in men's bodies and live the life of the solitary snarky schoolmarm, a crazy old aunt with her cats. And your neices and nephews will shake their head about poor old Aunt Maureen who found fame and fortune in a failing newspaper, and like Helen Thomas, eventually the crazy old Aunt Maureen will say something so stupid all her blow away liberal friends will blow away. And your nieces and nephews will remember you but their kids will not, your moldy old books will rot on the bookshelves of a used bookstore and your snarky barbs will be forgotten.

So, no Maureen, no men for you, no children, and your genes will be removed from the pool. So if your genes are removed from the gene pool, isn't nature telling you, it's you who isn't necessary?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wall Street Journal-NBC Poll showing most Americans blame GOP for phony government shutdown

Here's a page from the old media poll that everyone is using to say Americans blame the GOP for the (phony) shutdown:

44% of the polled voted for Obama. Of course they blame the Republicans. The actual percentage (counting stuffed ballet boxes) was 51.1 Obama 47.2 Romney. A difference of less than 4%. And yet here we have a difference of more than double that. Maybe they should have polled somewhere outside Detroit.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Arizona Republic Fact Check=Crap Check

A few days ago, the Arizona Repugnant posted a "Fact Check" checking State representative Brenda Barton's statement that National Park Service employees were being paid overtime during the federal government shutdown, which they rated as 'mostly false.'


OK, let's say that it is 'mostly false.' Where is the Arizona Republic's articles on how the Park Service is being used by the administration to make the shutdown as painful as possible by the administration?


Where are the stories about people being forced out of their homes and businesses? Where are the stories about kids not getting cancer treatments? Where are the stories about NPR getting its funding but our soldiers who were slain in battle not getting their death benefits?

I'll tell you where they are, nowhere in the Arizona Republic.

And why? Why are they not printing the administration's despotic and dispicable actions during the phony shutdown. Because it is a phony shutdown, and they don't want people to understand what a worthless organization the federal government has become. And now the phony conservatives in Congress are caving in to the Despot.

Because the press is not only letting the Despot do these things, they are encouraging him.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Obama hires French contractors to build webapp, website promptly surrenders to onslaught of users

Here's a CBS report on the disaster, actually calling it what it is for once:

Here's the French Canadian government contractor who made the website:


Signs of a despotic administration

Punishing political enemies by using an enforcement arm:


Rewarding your allies with your enemies assets. The Roman dictator Sulla did this in a more extreme form by killing his enemies and giving their property to his friends.


Obama wants to do this by taxing his enemies to death, and giving that money to his friends:


I'm not digging his fundamental change.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Arizona Registrar of Contractors, thirty five years of change yet still incompetant

Ladies and Gentlemen of the great state of Arizona, for those of you that think that you are protected against crooked contractors by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors think again. I can personally vouch for their incompetence as I went through the laborious process of filling out their freakishly long web forms, waiting for a response and still getting my claim rejected.

But, don't let that stop you. Let this stop you:


Or maybe this:


So, if you are wondering why you can't find a decent contractor in this state, look no further than the government agency that is supposed to regulate them. At least they are traditionally minded. They haven't changed at all since 1979:


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Arizona Repugnant: "Obama Urges Boehner To Hold Vote To Reopen Government" not "Obama refuses to negotiate"

Or "Both sides at a stalemate," or anything remotely objective.

They must have changed the title after they looked in a mirror and saw that their bias was showing. Here's a reference to the original article in the Phoenix City and Press:


And here's the article with the changed title, which now reads  "Obama says talks OK - after default threat averted"

Friday, October 4, 2013

The SAD...I mean the AD Council

AM radio listeners to talk radio are bombarded nowadays by useless sound bytes from the AD council. Do they ever make people stop smoking, stop drunk driving, appreciate FEMA, or do any of the other 'Public Services' that they supposedly provide with Public Service messages? And who the hell is the AD Council?

According to Wikipedia the Ad Council is a non-profit that handles public service announcements, and some people complain that it is little more than a "domestic propaganda arm of the federal government." Most of the Ad council's ads are purchased by the feds, to the tune of hundreds of millions a year. The ads are played for random audiences, have little effect, and the CEO makes almost $900k a year.

From you, the taxpayer.

That's one CEO making a tidy little profit, for a non-profit.

This is completely indefensible for messages that no one listens to. Typical Socialist BS. I challenge any one to give me an example of where these million dollar campaigns made the slightest blip in the road on fighting their propaganda road. Another self licking ice cream cone, brought to you by Uncle Sugar.

Arizona Repugnant Reveal Socialist Reader Percentage

The Republic is at it again, chastising Gilbert Arizona for rejecting US funding for programs aimed at low-income residents. Why would they reject this money? Probably because it encourages a dependent demographic to come there and stay. When I lived there six years ago, the north part of Gilbert, the part that borders Mesa was rapidly going ghetto. There was a really nice shopping center up the street with a theater and several high end chain restaurants that I hung out at, but it was quickly going down hill, like the Fiesta Mall before it. Fiesta Mall was a beautiful mall when they opened it twenty years ago in southern Mesa, but it quickly went ghetto after the 90s.

When the Federal Block Grant people moved in.

On the side bar of the Repugnant Article, they asked,"Should Gilbert turn down federal funding for programs aimed at low-income residents, to avoid adding to the U.S. deficit?"

Only 33% said that would make the problem worse.

51% said turning down aid for the part is cruel.

16% said it depends on the kind of aid.

I don't count myself as a reader by the way, but it does fill my heart with joy to point out their slant. At the end of the article they have the obligatory socialist comment about how Gilbert supports business but can't help the poor. The Socialist idiot quoted said this,

“If they’re not going to accept the community grant funds, that’s really ridiculous. These guys have a set mind because a lot of them are “tea party”-type people that don’t want any government at all, practically,” said Chester Cesolini, 70, a frequent user of the center who helps plan social activities there.

“We’ve grown in 250 years of being the United States of America, and I’m sure if the Founding Fathers were here today and looked over things, they’ll probably say the same things,” he said. “Things are different now. You don’t have open land where somebody can say, ‘I’m broke, I’m poor, I can move to this area here and start a farm with no cost at all.’ Those things can’t happen anymore.
“When the town can spend sales-tax dollars for some company to build their store on Power Road and give them huge tax breaks, but they can’t spend a few bucks on the people who’ve lived here most of their lives and are now retired, on fixed incomes, there’s something wrong with that,” Cesolini added.

If the founding fathers, who started this country because of a tax that was less than 5% knew half of its residents were being taxed at rates up to 40% in some states and the other half wasn't taxed at all I think they would be pretty pissed. I know I am.


Here's a clip from the new series Sleepy Hollow on Fox, talking about how the founding fathers would see these new taxes, and a Democrat standing telling Ichibod Crane that if he complains about taxes again, he would be "Sent back to the Asylum." Eerily like what's going on now, doncha think?

The Imperial Staff has been sent home...how long before Obama caves on shutdown?

The New York Slimes is reporting that the imperial President known as Obama has lost a lot of his White House staff:


That's it boys and girls, as soon as Obama calls down to the kitchen for an outlawed cheeseburger and gets an empty phone line, the phone on Boehner's desk is going to start ringing off the hook. If there's one thing we've learned about this President is he's all about the perks of office. He's not too fond of the working part, but he lovin' da perks baby! Gimme mah Air Force one trip to Hawaii Uncle Sugah!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sins of Omission, the Mainstream Media and Government Shutdown 'Facts'

The Washington Compost blogger site Wonkette, (you remember them, they're the ones that ridiculed Sarah Palin's special needs son) gave us some 'facts' about the government shutdown:


Although titled 'Absolutely everything you need to know about how the government shutdown will work' they missed a few things:

1) Obama put extra effort in shutting down the National Parks, to make the shutdown seem worse than it is and to petulantly punish his 'ponents. The parks weren't closed in previous shutdowns.


2) We wouldn't even have a shutdown, if Harry Reid could pass a budget. Harry Reid's completely dysfunctional senate has not passed a budget in four years, even when they had control of the House also. So they have to pass these continuing resolutions and debt limit raises to fund their out-of-control spending. Wonkette does mention the continuing resolution, but conveniently forgets the reason for why we need it.

CNN doesn't even mention it's a continuing resolution:


Of course, non of the other Socialist News Agencies do either. It's a little fact that they'd would like us not to  remember.

(Hat tip to the incomparable Mark Levin for the term Washington Compost)